2013 Chery Fulwin 2 1.5 ACTECO from Uruguay


Comfortable, affordable small car. Reliability remains an unknown quantity


Strong rumble in when moving in reverse. Solved at the 5000 km service. I was told by the serviceman that these cars tend to tremble in reverse, but after the service it didn't happen again. The solution was a supplemental cushion in an engine mount.

Besides that, and considering the car is almost brand new, nothing has happened, and nothing should be expected to happen either.

I sold my 2000 Hyundai Accent. It had 135.000 km on it, had good maintenance all its life, and was really comfortable and rattle-free, but service costs and parts were being required more often, and were costly.

I settled for a Chinese car because of cost reasons, and chose what I deemed the best product/cost ratio. The car is rattle-free. Interior fit and finish are good, not Hyundai-class, but good enough. Heating/ventilation/air conditioning are very workable, though the ventilation selector seems a little less durable than the rest of controls.

Regarding comfort, the car is adequate for drivers of up to 1.85 metres. I am 1.73m, and head, elbow and hip space is very good. But, and it's a big but, I'm 103 kg, and for overweight people it's not as nice to get in or out of the car. Then again, I'm comfortable at getting in and out only of larger or much taller cars, such as minivans or 4.8 meter long vehicles.

Engine power is adequate for around town driving, though its torque curve is not the best, even for a 1.5 liter. Most driving needs second and third, perhaps fourth in sustained speeds of around 60 km/h on wider roads. The ride is a little harsh, I think it's because the tires might be hard. The tires are a little on the hard side.

On the open road, I did 120 km/h, I'm not a fast driver. The engine seemed willing enough to accelerate a little more; I did not try any typical 120-140 overtaking acceleration.

Steering is adequately light, and the steering ratio is good.

Steering wheel is '70s or '80s in its very thin and hard grip. No cushioning at all.

Controls seem relatively robust. I say relatively in comparison to my Hyundai Accent. Those felt more robust at 135.000 km and 13 years old than these seem in a new car.

Regarding fuel consumption, so important in a small car, I can't say anything yet, as my first full fill-up is still in the tank. My best bet is 11 km/liter around town, in stop-and-go driving, no open road at all.

Long term reliability, of course, is still to be seen. In my country there are only a handful of these cars more than 2 years old and 100.000 km on them, but about 500 have been sold, which for our market means seeing no less than 10 every day.

If there are any comments to these review, I'll keep readers posted every 1000 km. I feel regular posting about little known cars is good for prospective buyers.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2013

6th Apr 2015, 18:26

How has the car been since your review? Any major problems? Did you try a 0-100 test?

24th Nov 2015, 20:44

I am the original poster.

It's been two years since the first post, and nothing has changed much. The car has now almost 25.000 km on it. Upholstery doesn't age well, but that was to be expected. General interior materials and quality are what you can expect for the price, perhaps a little over that, but not a great deal.

The reverse rumble is still a problem and other owners agree. It seems some trembling is to be expected from this car, perhaps a design problem.

Rear brake drums had to be refinished, as a threshold developed with use. The dealer told me this is a common issue for this car with city driving... i.e, rear brakes are not adequately sized for the car's weight.

I have not tested speed, but the car feels slow at city speeds. With the A/C on, getting off a crossing with the adequate speed to avoid oncoming traffic requires getting the RPMs to perhaps 2000 before starting. I don't like that aspect of the car, but then again, it's how it is.

Fuel consumption is about 11 km/liter city, 14 highway.

I'll check in a few months, and if there are any comments, I'll gladly add more information about the car.

1st Jan 2016, 10:01

Fulwin 2 sport Philippines. City 12+km/l. Highway 18-24km/l. I use 95+ octane fuel. Tried 180km/hr. Defeated the 2015 Vios and 2015 Innova...

1st Oct 2016, 06:16

I want it. I need it. Where to buy one in the Philippines? Please call 09272934633.

1st Oct 2016, 06:18

0-60kph. 3.4sec.

24th May 2017, 22:27

Hi, do you still own that car?

How has your experience been?

Any serious problems or costs?


24th Jan 2019, 19:28


I'm the original poster. I sold the Fulwin with 33.000 km and a little less than 4 years on it (2 years ago).

I traded it in because the clutch never engaged smoothly, the driver's seat upholstery began to peel off, and the suspension was quite noisy. I feared some day there would be a costly repair because of that, so I sold it. Nevertheless, I'm aware of many of those that are going strong with 150.000 km.