21st Aug 2015, 13:36

No, 6 figure odometers showed the true mileage. If you purchased a used car back then, that was about 8-10 years old, and the 5 figure odometer read 65,000 miles. Would you want to play the guessing game if it was 65k or 165k? People simply didn't drive as much then as they do today.

Vehicles back then "rarely" making 100,000 miles? Go back and read some of the previous comments. It seems like you're the only one that disagrees. We have all made our points, let it die already.

Oh - and let me rephrase why 5 digit odometers mean nothing. They mean nothing to me when we have had many roll over, some twice.

21st Aug 2015, 22:17

Seriously, WHO CARES?! The point being made is that there were a lot of cars from the late '70s that rolled the odometer once or twice, which is probably one of the reasons 6 number odometers surfaced in the mid '80s. It all depended on the type of car. Take Chevy for example; if you had a Citation or early Cavalier, chances were you would face problems. On the other hand, a body on frame Caprice or Monte Carlo from that same era lasted forever.