10th Sep 2015, 08:37

A more rare El Camino or Ranchero? There's not enough space on here to even begin to list the rarity and value of even C1-C2, special ordered optioned, early gen Corvette models alone.

My Lincoln pick would be a finely restored Lincoln Mark 1 from the era. Or early 60s Continental suicide door Convertibles. Maybe even a 59 Cadillac for full sizes. The car bodied truck concept seems limited, even as an early 70s 454 SS 4 speed. Make mine a mid sized full frame 2 door sports sedan. In fact that's one I also have as well. I avoid unibody big block models unless with added frame connectors that can twist. Less rattles and better integrity with a full frame car from that era is my personal choice.

Everyone has their favorite cars. If you take high appreciation or value out of your buying decision, then most of my comments here have absolutely no merit. To me rare has more meaning with higher value added to it. You can have a black Pacer as an example rare color. But is that a good example of rarity? Maybe it would have been better money spent back in the late 60s ordering a rare new factory 427 C3 with aluminum heads. And get the full frame many of the commenters seem to really like on here. And also order a full size luxury sedan, as many buyers in this segment rarely ever own just one car. It's nice to have a fun car in the garage as well.

11th Sep 2015, 02:47

Sorry, my "definition" was body on frame full size passenger sedans and coupes, which is the topic of all these comments and the review itself.

But somehow and someway, Vettes are always mentioned. Even on Camry threads.