11th Sep 2015, 22:10

Are you kidding me? Todays interiors are like Tupperware compared to the 70s and 80s. Let alone being available in the same four boring colors.

You were a child through the 70s and 80s? Well I was legal to drive back then, and had a few cars from that era go 200k, along with friends and family members.

12th Sep 2015, 04:22

If a midsize - fullsize GM or Ford car from the 70s never made 100k, it was due to either being totaled in an accident or rusting away in a northern climate. I'll say this again, that I experienced cars like this from the 70s-80s and mechanically they were problem free. Cars back then weren't driven the distances people drive today. Trade ins were more frequent due to restyles occurring more often, and prices being more affordable.

In the early - mid 70s when each GM division was actually its own, they all (except Cadillac) produced 350 CID engines. Each were different in their own way and were proven reliable. Especially Pontiac V8s; they kept going and going.

In an earlier comment somebody mentioned why an El Camino on a G-body platform would be desired. In all actuality any G-body 2 door is becoming more desirable as time goes on. You can keep one original or have some fun with it at low costs. One of my preferences is to take a 79 Grand Prix with a Pontiac 301 V8 and do a simple direct swap with a Pontiac 350 or 400, and back it up with a turbo 350 trans. Leave the body and interior stock. I had an 84 GP with the V6 and it had over 210k on it. It was one of my favorite cars. There are folks that have YouTube channels who collect the G-body from every GM brand.

As far as the Corvette comments; I agree that they shouldn't be mentioned on a full size car discussion. Frame or no frame.

12th Sep 2015, 14:37

I don't think many of today's cars will be on the road 30 years from now.

From a mechanic's point of view, everything from engines to transmissions, suspension and steering are all computer controlled. Don't forget back up cameras, GPS systems, bluetooth etc. etc. All these things fail and are very expensive to repair. Most owners will junk it and buy a new car, instead of wasting the money to fix them.