23rd Sep 2015, 12:26

A new Jaguar is not a big aimless floating car. It is a luxury car loaded with amenities. Any age with a license can own one. Maybe even gifted for finishing college and entering a private practice.

Let's focus on the present as well as the past. You can buy any number of fine luxury vehicles, including present day sedans. If you look in Consumer Reports as an example, see what category a Volt is listed under. It's not a full size luxury sedan. If your current offering is limited, buy a foreign model. I do not see where you are going with your comments.

Personally I found brand new Buicks highly comfortable in the 70s. And why shouldn't they have been? A brand new car with ice cold air, new power steering, new power brakes, brand new window seals, very quiet, brand new smooth engine with no miles on the engine and drivetrain. New body with no rattles. I drove and owned cars from this period. Not comparing a model I have sitting outside that is even older than this.

But again, fast forward to the present. You can buy plenty of large sedans or a luxury crossover. Since you are in this segment and review, maybe buy one. You will have all the elements, ride and road feel you ever want. Try a new Audi Q5; it's a blast to drive as a natural. Fast, comfortable, terrific handling. It's a luxury vehicle. Or buy the Jag sedan. Your family and children will not want to get out of it on trips.

23rd Sep 2015, 14:13

I am over 50 and infatuated with late model, sophisticated, computerized, high end sports cars, with every conceivable option. Luxury segment, mid to large wheel based vehicles. And older classics, restified with high tech drivetrains and suspensions with air. Best of the current technology combined with design and styling from the past. If you don't like the ride, change it. It might cost as much if not more than the purchase price. But if you have a car that is all yours, never to sell, go for it. You would be shocked how great a car can be. Pro touring classics are an example.