5th Mar 2016, 05:48

I was driving 2 pretty cool cars during the excessive 80s era. Thought my 450 SL 2 Top Roadster and Datsun 280ZX 2+2 white with dark glass T Tops were especially classy at the time. Guess it's a personal choice about what had class in that era. I couldn't find a domestic that really appealed to me then. Now we have 4.

10th Mar 2016, 22:43

You're SO right! Cars from, um, "today's era"(?) do not have nearly as much fake wood and plastic "chrome" trim in their interiors, and what little there is does not look anywhere as bogus as they did 30 years ago! Why, in some cars now the wood trim was once actually part of a tree -- can you believe it?