1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 318 C.I. from North America


Great sturdy reliable automobile


Stabilizer bar end bolt missing replaced.

Reman spark control computer.

Air charge temperature sensor.

For a car that's 28 years old, it's expected to see those things.

General Comments:

I wanted a RWD vehicle. The vehicle of choice was the Fifth Avenue. I didn't care about gas prices.

It's a luxury classy automobile. The Corinthian leather is very comfortable. Handling is amazing on corners for a car of that weight.

Sure it needs work, but nothing major.

I enjoy taking her to car shows, especially when leaving at dusk with the LED opera lamps.

Very pleased with my car. I'll hold her as long as I can and restore the car in the process.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2016

29th May 2016, 02:41

Quick question: Are you running it on Premium fuel?

Chrysler wanted MPG any way they could for this platform, redoing the 318 to run on Premium fuel from 1985 on.

Sure enough, the EPA fuel economy ratings are based on premium -


31st May 2016, 20:13

Yes I run Premium on my car. It pings until I get the distributor retarded. Whoever owned the car, the vacuum transducer was bad and they bypassed it. Then they advanced the distributor. I tried running it with the new computer and it pings real bad. So I am running it without the vacuum transducer plugged in; runs great for now.

3rd Jun 2016, 14:13

This car came with electroluminescent panels in the opera lights as original equipment, so if your car has LEDs, then someone took the easy but tacky way out to restore their function.

Here's how to do it the RIGHT way: www.instructables.com/id/Rebuild-Your-Cars-EL-electroluminescent-Lights/

(The embedded e-bay link is no longer any good, but the replacement panels are available from other e-bay sellers.)

1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 5.2L V8 318 from North America


Comfortable, not economic unless you drive it easy, but damn good looking


Nothing major has gone wrong. Just parts that need replaced with age is all I have touched. Tires, ball joints, and oil changes. It's been very reliable and starts every time.

General Comments:

Fantastically comfortable and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2016

2nd Mar 2016, 20:46

Yes they looked good all round. Inside the dash was nicely styled with a more classy look than Ford or GM could ever accomplish, and the quad lamps with the big grille looked good too along with the opera lamps and not forgetting the Torqueflite whine, which was music to many a man's ears, and most definitely a great hefty V8 powering her.

One thing I liked about mine was the excellent view out the windshield, unlike the tunnel vision of today's forgettables.

1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue V8 from North America


This is the real deal!!!


Had to change fuel pump and battery.

Paint is coming off the rear panel.

General Comments:

I am 61 years old had about 25 cars in my lifetime, and this is the best; no others come even close.

This car is 21 years old and no rust.

To this date 08/23/09, it's running like a charm.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2009

1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 318 from North America


Looks nice, runs pretty bad, but to nice to give up on


The engine makes strange sounds all the time.

The transmission seems to struggle to get past 26 mph.

The hood is blistered.

General Comments:

I really like my car, however it uses oil.

The transmission is going although I try to hang on to hope.

The engine sound like a washing machine a lot.

Smooth riding on the highway.

Looks real nice, black and majestic.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004

3rd Feb 2005, 11:14

I have a 88 5th Ave. It struggles past 26 mph because it needs a tune up, and the computer needs to be fixed. Same thing happened to me, now it runs great. Mine has 132 k on it and it runs like new. Last 318 put in a car, great engine.

30th Apr 2005, 20:12

Sounds like your car is a lot like mine. all the same problems. Except I have one more!!! Please if you would be able to help.. My fifth ave. wanted to kill me the other day. The gas pedal actually doesn't pop right back, and I feel it pop me in the foot after I take my foot off. it kept going faster and faster even with my foot off. nothing helped ended up putting on the brake as best I could. No one seems to know what to do??? snowflakes_7@hotmail.com Thanks, Nan.

21st Jul 2008, 15:51

Try changing your transmission fluid and the filter. That should help it out a lot. It's pretty cheap; you can get the filter and fluid at any parts store.

3rd May 2014, 06:33

If you are having problems that you could have fixed and haven't, and are complaining about the car, you shouldn't be writing a review.

20th May 2015, 18:18

Sounds like you need to clean your carb and check all your links.

9th Jul 2016, 08:49

My 88 was not that bad, but the pedal was definitely sticking. My fix was to find the throttle return spring and shorten it, adding a small helper spring would work just as well. Lube in the throttle cables helped too.