12th Mar 2016, 16:53

The '79 G-body Grand Prix was as classy as cars come.

12th Mar 2016, 17:25

Wood trim, genuine or fake, has nothing to do with my comment about looking classy. What I meant was the design of the dash, the speedometer, its chrome or chrome painted plastic surrounds, should I say. Its interior design in my opinion looks classy compared to Fords or GM, or even other Chryslers of the day. Even its (fake) wire wheel covers on white walls suited it, which IMO were the best wire wheel covers ever manufactured that almost looked like real wire wheels.

The overall design with the flat roof and upright wind shield, and not to mention the nice long hood and trunk, even though interior space was not great for its overall length, but that's what it's all about, its classy flaws.