6th May 2016, 20:11

Thanks! I don't intend to buy a replacement car for another three years at least. At that point the current generation of the Civic will have gone through a refresh and the kinks will hopefully be sorted out!

7th May 2016, 10:12

We have a Honda Civic EX, and a Mazda 3 Touring, which far exceeds the Honda. Both are loaded. The Mazda has far more amenities. The ride is far superior in the Mazda 3 Touring Package. No doubt due to the tire size vs the Sport. Both are good cars, but the Mazda has far more luxury. We took a 900 mile trip to Florida, barely stopping and switching drivers. It was a very comfortable trip. The car cruised at 70 legally over to Orlando. A really nice little car with a bigger sedan feel and ride.