27th Jun 2016, 19:27

I have seen this done a few times. Warping a brake rotor is very easily done by overtorqueing lug nuts with a pneumatic impact wrench. Check your torque specs for your specific vehicle. Air impacts are plus or minus 20 percent at best. Set it on high my mistake or push the air pressure up beyond 90 PSI and you increase torque. Or by holding it in the lugs too long. It's simply not worth it. I use a 4 percent accuracy hand torque wrench on my expensive rims. You can pay a few bucks extra a wheel and request a hand cluck wrench at a quality installer I only use an air impact strictly for removal only.

27th Jun 2016, 22:24

You can warp a rotor just by driving through a deep puddle on any vehicle, modern or older.