25th Nov 2016, 15:36

If the old lady didn't replace the intake manifold, then expect to have to replace it soon, due to an idiotic design of bolting the alternator to a plastic intake manifold, and the resultant cracking on the 1996-2001 model years.

25th Nov 2016, 18:00

Although I am a Chevy guy for personal use, I have had a few of these as company cars. I still do lot of business travel with anywhere from 40-50k annual mileage, not including flights. These are outstanding long distance turnpike cars. Many stop starts every day. I never had any serious issues. I even had a SHO Taurus at one time. One thing you can be assured of is any reviewer with a company car is not biased. I could care less as there is no personal or financial attachment to care other than if they are lousy. Some of the worst I have had were by Chrysler. Personally I would pick a Crown Vic over a Grand Marquis as it has more power. I had that too new as a company car. Good luck, you picked a nice used car.

26th Nov 2016, 05:06

The only thing I can think of is keeping an eye on the Idle Air Control valve. If you start to hear a "moaning" or "booing" noise from the air intake area, the Idle Air Control valve will have to be replaced. If not replaced, the engine could shut off unexpectedly.