1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6 V8 from North America


Old school engineering for the win!


Rear tire has a slow leak.

Spark plugs were fouled out.

Engine and transmission both leak fluid.

Slight miss on warm up when wet.

Passenger side window doesn't work.

General Comments:

After driving my 65 F100 for a year, and racking up 20,000 miles on it, the poor thing started to need some work. So I started looking for another car, as to prevent another winter's worth of salt damage to the ole F100.

I wanted a car that was tough, RWD, and cheap. I called on a few cars, most were either sold or had lots of problems. I didn't want to have to fix anything. I wanted a car I could hop in and drive. I finally found this car after a few weeks of searching. It had some light damage from a run in with a guard rail. It was cheap ($675) and didn't need anything. I bought it and fixed one thing so far.

The plugs were fouled out and the car kept missing worse and worse. I've replaced them, but every once in a while, the car still misses. This particular model was a former squad car. The spot where the spot light had went though leaks. It sucks, I need to tar it up to seal it. There is a fair bit of rust for a 98. No doubt because it spent a lot of time patrolling salt laden interstates, and then lived in a very large salty city for its entire life.

It's not very fast, despite what everyone says about ex-cop cars. The V-8 lacks low end grunt, but is adequate. Fuel mileage has been decent for a car of its size. I average 22 mpg, although it isn't as good as my old Caprice squad car with a 350 (24 mpg), nor anywhere near as fast. It handles and stops better than the old Caprice did. The ride is really nice, plenty of room in the trunk.

It's great for long trips, although the seats could stand to be more comfortable. I'm sure the civilian versions got better seats. The lack of an arm rest is also mildly annoying, along with no cruise. I plan on changing out the front seats for more comfortable versions.

It's a very spartan car; rubber floor, plain plastic dash. I like the fact that the door locks don't automatically lock when the car goes over 5 mph, and not having those stupid automatic headlamps is a plus in my book. I think the lack of auto headlamps is because it was a squad car. Also the rear door handles don't work from the inside, no doubt another cop car idiosyncrasy.

Traction is surprisingly very good for a rear wheel drive car. Minimal axle hop from full throttle acceleration from a dead stop. Full frame construction makes for a nicer ride when traversing crummy back roads. Front suspension looks to be pretty heavy duty; a plus on the sort of roads I drive on.

The Crown Victoria is the last of what I consider to be the classic American car. Sadly there will be no more RWD full framed cars after 2011. Enjoy the last of a breed while you still can.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2011

1998 Ford Crown Victoria from North America


Now I know why people hardly ever escape from a police chase


I've had to put new coil packs on.

I put the latest spark plugs to perform better with the new "ethanol" gasoline.

I also replaced the E.G.R valve,"exhaust gas recirculator."

The intake manifold is made of plastic, and if you over-heat the engine, it is easy to crack. I had to replace the intake manifold, which is costly.

General Comments:

This car is a Mustang or Camaro's worst nightmare.

It is a blast to drive around town. Even better if you have 20% window tint.

I have put the police head light strobes on mine, and that is awesome. If you have one, try to find some head light strobes, you'll love it.

The interior is big enough for any situation, but keeps the car from being too big and feeling like driving a tank.

I put a Magna flow exhaust and a K&N high flow air filter on, and it makes a huge difference. Sounds great and adds about 29 extra horses. Now it will pin you in the seat, and leave as much of your tires on the road as you want to.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2010

25th Nov 2016, 01:29

Well!! What can I say. This is the year 2016 and I just bought a brand spanking new 18 year old Crown Vic (with 70 thousand miles on it) and so far I'm really impressed. I reside in New England and the Vic has lived its entire 18 years of life in Florida. No rust, no clanks, no squeaks, no hiccups... no nothing. New brakes, new tires, new battery... Owned by a family friend of the dealer who sold it to me. She was an elderly person who just couldn't drive it anymore. "I know" it's an old story... "She only drove it to church on Sunday"... Really!! She did... Well... almost.

I also have a 2005 Ford Taurus which I love so my biases do tend to lean towards Ford... That car has 150 thousand miles on it and still runs really well. I've been around the block a few times in my life and have a pretty good sense of things, and I feel quite confident about this vehicle... Anyone have any input regarding the Vic? Would appreciate it.