25th Nov 2016, 15:36

If the old lady didn't replace the intake manifold, then expect to have to replace it soon, due to an idiotic design of bolting the alternator to a plastic intake manifold, and the resultant cracking on the 1996-2001 model years.

25th Nov 2016, 18:00

Although I am a Chevy guy for personal use, I have had a few of these as company cars. I still do lot of business travel with anywhere from 40-50k annual mileage, not including flights. These are outstanding long distance turnpike cars. Many stop starts every day. I never had any serious issues. I even had a SHO Taurus at one time. One thing you can be assured of is any reviewer with a company car is not biased. I could care less as there is no personal or financial attachment to care other than if they are lousy. Some of the worst I have had were by Chrysler. Personally I would pick a Crown Vic over a Grand Marquis as it has more power. I had that too new as a company car. Good luck, you picked a nice used car.

26th Nov 2016, 05:06

The only thing I can think of is keeping an eye on the Idle Air Control valve. If you start to hear a "moaning" or "booing" noise from the air intake area, the Idle Air Control valve will have to be replaced. If not replaced, the engine could shut off unexpectedly.

26th Nov 2016, 23:19

The power comparison between the Crown Vic & Grand Marquis are the same unless the Crown Vic is equipped with the police package.

27th Nov 2016, 03:49

Ford was on to something with these cars. The current police package lineup - no matter how competent/efficient - lacks the same charisma, presence, and what-you-see-is-what-you-get simplicity and functionality.

27th Nov 2016, 15:15

I didn't care for the Marquis. Both in its styling and performance drop. It was also a company car. Padded vinyl roof wire wheel caps were not to my taste and it was not anywhere near the performance of the 4 Crown Vic's I had. I am now comparing 98-04 era Perhaps it was the computer setup, rear axle ratio or even in the trans, but it was a noticeable increase of power.

It's all a matter of opinion on styling. I personally liked the white body Vic without a vinyl top the best. We also had 2 retired 440 cars way back in time prior to the downsizing to the Diplomat, bought as personal cars from the Delaware State Police. Detective unmarks with fabric interior. Ice cold air. Push the trunk and it opened real fast to get shotguns out. The dashes were drilled for removed equipment. One interesting comment with these cars is how approaching vehicles nosedive thinking you are a state trooper.

7th Dec 2016, 02:57

When I first looked at this car (I have to admit) I was a bit impressed regarding the physical appearance of the vehicle (although I still had apprehensions due to the fact the car was over 18 years old). Of course physical appearances as far as I'm concerned should not be the ultimate criteria for deciding whether or not one should purchase a vehicle.

So far the car is functioning quite well, although I do have one concern which I'm hoping someone can help me with. The car makes this weird noise. I'm not too sure I can really explain it properly. It almost sounds like a sort of creaking sound. Only lasts for a few seconds or so... Hard to explain. Only happens after I first start it up. Then it goes away (although the other day, during a snow storm, the noise lasted a lot longer than a few seconds...). It sorta sounds like it's coming from the steering wheel, though I'm not really sure. Maybe it's the 'ABS' brake system. After all... the weather in my neck of the woods in the winter is very unpredictable.

Anyway, if anyone has any input regarding my concerns, I would greatly appreciate it... By the way... I greatly appreciate the input I've been given so far... Thanks...

9th Dec 2016, 09:41

Just severe cold related til power steering pump works. Or belts.

12th Dec 2016, 15:28

Even when I had the 440 Interceptor Crown Vics, it was not a match for many civilian cars out today. The newer Dodges and Mustangs are however for high speed chases. It is difficult to know what can be a police vehicle today. Usually the small diameter hubcaps and pushbars are a clue.

13th Dec 2016, 00:26

"440 Interceptor Crown Vics"?

Produced in "very limited quantities"?