22nd Jan 2017, 17:56

And yet it continues... The one complaining may have also added on more. In a nice way, what is overpriced? There are people that buy luxury models that may be like you buying a pencil. As far as health, any hobby or activity that brings a greater or positive sense of well being is very good for you. Keeps you off the couch. It could well be a jet ski, new motorcycle or any number of classic cars or modern cars mentioned as well, producing that same kind of effect. That is an opinion I do have, and it's totally cool if you disagree. That's what a forum is. At any rate, enjoy and comment freely on your car of choice, especially if it's the same marque. Hopefully there is a semblance of free exchange of ideas here. If a review bothers you, just read another. You'll get over it. There's plenty of them on each and every car to make an educated buying decision. You are the one buying. Enjoy what you own; life is too short to be pulling at straws. Driving is great and fun. Let's move on. Have a great day!

23rd Jan 2017, 02:58

How is a Corvette anywhere close to overpriced?