30th Jul 2017, 17:06

I do like the luxury aspect of it though. Compared to the other offerings in 1975, IMO this was the sharpest, smoothest, and down right nicest looking car in this category. I think that the Monte (the car that Chrysler carboned into the Cordoba) looked too done fender wise and under done interior wise. I always thought that Monte interiors looked cheap compared to their body. The Grand Prix and the Cutlass didn't bring too much either, more like second verse, same as the first in styling that really didn't look different from 1974 models and was becoming tired. The Cordoba's styling at least was a fresh look at an established idea for this market. Of course this is my opinion, but Chrysler did make a fine looking car... only if they could have been a little more conscientious about build quality.

13th Oct 2017, 16:04

I'm sure that is why "muscle" was in quotes.