1975 Chrysler Cordoba 5.9 2bb 360ci engine from North America


I love my car and it is well worth the trouble to own and maintain


Replaced dual horns.


Exhaust from cat back.

Fuel pump.

Fuel sender in tank.



Rear shocks.

General Comments:

I bought the car after it had been sitting for over 25 years. A real garage cream puff that had not run since the 1990s. The engine turned and just needed to be cleaned up.

I knew that some things would have to be addressed in order to get it up and running. The body is perfect as well as the interior. Still had all of the original parts and had no modifications.

I replaced the carburetor to a Holley 2BB like the original, just to replace as the original was crappy and it was easier just to get a new one. I also replaced the radiator, battery of course, new pipe and muffler from cat back, new fuel sender in the tank, valve gaskets, new fuel pump (mechanical), new dual horns (nos '74 mopar ones from Charger).

The springs in the back were soft, so I got assist coil shocks to re-lift... worked well and gave me a stiffer ride and about 1 to 1.5 inches of lift.

All in all I love the ride and the way it floats down the road. Very smooth, a bit of soft steering but you get over it. I had a 1977 in HS in the 80s, and wanted another one to tool around in. This is a 360 5.9 engine. Very responsive, no lean burn... my 1977 had one with a 400, nothing but trouble. I wanted this year because it was still built like the 1974 models without lean burn. Good off the line, but great for cruising. Gets OK gas for a large car, and still gets its share of attention even though it is really not a "muscle" car. I only drive it seasonally when it is dry and nice. A bit cold blooded, but after they warm up, watch out!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2017

26th Jul 2017, 20:43

You're right -- it's not a muscle car, but a personal luxury coupe.

30th Jul 2017, 17:06

I do like the luxury aspect of it though. Compared to the other offerings in 1975, IMO this was the sharpest, smoothest, and down right nicest looking car in this category. I think that the Monte (the car that Chrysler carboned into the Cordoba) looked too done fender wise and under done interior wise. I always thought that Monte interiors looked cheap compared to their body. The Grand Prix and the Cutlass didn't bring too much either, more like second verse, same as the first in styling that really didn't look different from 1974 models and was becoming tired. The Cordoba's styling at least was a fresh look at an established idea for this market. Of course this is my opinion, but Chrysler did make a fine looking car... only if they could have been a little more conscientious about build quality.

1983 Chrysler Cordoba 5.2 318 cid from North America


It gives any T-Bird I had and a Lincoln a run for their money


Other than exhaust replacement and odds and ends things, my Cordoba is one of the best cars I ever owned. It rides as nice as any Thunderbird I owned, maybe a little better. It's a very comfortable car.

General Comments:

My Cordoba is a very comfortable riding and quiet car. The seats are like recliners, and it just cruises down the highway. It's an enjoyable and comfortable car, and it's something that car companies have forgotten.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2009

2nd Sep 2012, 20:39

Is your exhaust high performance? If so, where did you find it? Did you need to custom order it?

1976 Chrysler Cordoba 360 from North America


Troublesome, comfortable and fast


Most everything except the internal engine parts and rear end at one time or another.

Carburetor (more than once).


Ball joints (more than once).

Tie rod ends.

K frame sagged making a proper alignment near the end difficult to impossible.

Air conditioning evaporator core.

General Comments:

I bought this car when I was young and dumb, spent large piles of money on repairs, totaled it while in the USN, re-built the car and drove it for several more years until it was totaled for a second and last time (last time was not my fault).

On the plus side the car was very fast (note the young and dumb comment above); while I was in the service in my late teens to early 20's I drove this car all over the country and rarely below 100 MPH, this car handled and rode at 100 MPH like most cars do at 60. Car also got amazingly good gas mileage at high speeds, 18 MPG was common on trips up to 750 miles at a stretch.

I did put a high performance front sway bar on the car soon after I bought it, which helped stability considerably. The car came from the factory with a rear sway bar.

Overall a very troublesome and expensive car to own, but very comfortable.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2009

5th Jul 2009, 06:10

Odd that you had so much trouble with replacing suspension components. We still have a 1975 Dodge Charger SE with all the original parts (bought new and now has 99,000 original miles) and it still rides like a dream. I suppose driving yours constantly at +100 mph might have worn a few things out more quickly.

6th Jul 2009, 20:37

That is what my mechanic told me for the second set of ball joints I went through on the Cordoba; the car was simply not built to be driven at sustained speeds of 100 MPH+.

And I must admit that the three Chrysler New Yorkers I owned after the Cordoba, which under the sheet metal were the same car, did not suffer suspension failures in over 200,000+ miles. One difference was I did not drive the New Yorkers anywhere nearly as fast as the Cordoba, so the evidence points at operator abuse.