3rd Aug 2017, 23:59

I would be shocked if they ever reintroduce this model. Even the name evokes that period. Don't care for the design or name.

Chrysler had great names Challenger, Cuda, Road Runner, Fury, and even Imperial. But Córdoba? Come on. I liked the Magnum that came out the same era as the Córdoba. Same body style, but far better design treatment.

4th Aug 2017, 16:59

Actually, the 185hp 360 engine was optionally available in 1980 only, on the Cordoba and on the Dodge Magnum's successor, the Mirada.

As far as the Charger name goes, Chrysler should not have further diluted the significance of a model name that they continued some 30+ years ago when they stuck it on that FWD L-body.

Now, it's on a model often seen as a taxicab! If they had wanted to (yet again) dredge up a name from the past that would have had at least some performance image (from early 60s era) but been more appropriate for what was/is a full-size RWD four door sedan, instead of today's Charger Hellcat, it would be... Polara Hellcat!