10th Sep 2017, 03:43

Actually, I do think about how things were manufactured as my father worked in two factories when I was a kid. I also restore vintage electronics equipment, even though what I work on were made by human hands, versus today where someone mashes a button and the miracle of mass automation does its magic.

The Volt is a total unicorn for General Motors. Will they follow through on their commitment to alternative fuel powered vehicles? The Volt was a product developed back when they were struggling and went bankrupt, and needed to look good in the eyes of the consumer.

I hope they continue in that spirit, because the Volt is just as ground breaking as the EV-1 was. Yet amazingly few people get or understand it.

10th Sep 2017, 10:46

Why not just refine and improve mileage and emissions as has been done with the gas vehicles? Are you truly buying your vehicle with a saving the world mentality? Or is it to drive as cheap as ever possible and plug in free at work? I don't believe people want to turn in millions of existing cars. And many do not drive as much or as far as you. In my area, many alternate driving with mass transit. One person in one car everyday in dense metropolitan commutes is creating the traffic congestion. I have a friend that rides a 8 grand bicycle, literally ridden thousands of miles a year, but justifies it on how little he drives his new Lexus. I like what I drive. Keep improving on emissions and don't deal with the unnecessary disposal of millions of cars already in place. My work gave me a monetary raise. I don't need their electric post to plug into for a free ride home.