25th Dec 2017, 17:06

Doesn’t apply to you. It’s been established and recognized that you had no choice. Hoping you could however share share at least some more insight on your restoration for the new guys. It was for the benefit of others to realize they may buy a future project of their own which could scream to a halt with a situation like that. Lucky you found a extra car. I know some guys that had to have some parts made. No reproductions. Or straightening and rechroming. Very expensive, but with a very high value car it is yet another alternative. The comment was not just about you. You don’t have to share budget etc. I will, but that’s me. Back in the 80s we would buy cars that had good interiors without new parts support, but needed body and paint. You couldn’t get every part. Maybe luck at a junk yard. Sometimes parts even worse than what you had. Today body and paint costs are a very big factor to really watch out for. It adds up quick.

26th Dec 2017, 05:44

The most popular body style was the 4-door sedan which saw 29,005 examples produced. 3,161 were convertibles making them the rarest in the lineup. 21,111 were the 2-door holiday hardtop and 19,377 were 4-door Luxury Hardtops. In total, over 95,800 examples were produced in 1970. Granted some were destroyed in accidents or crushed etc. I restored a model that had 3400 convertibles out of 37000.