2nd Jan 2018, 23:52

Depends on what you consider wasteful. Most people have some type of activity, hobby, trips etc that they devote some of their discretionary income towards. Invest and still have time for fun or play. Doing some sedate, reversible, tasteful upgrades can really make a new vehicle your very own. Some of these changes you can even remove and transfer to the next. In the Northeast many of us run 2 sets of wheels and tires due to winter mix on the roadways. It’s amazing how this one change alone can make such a instant nice transformation in appearance. You can also eBay the stock parts or takeoffs to go towards the look you are after. Or do nothing and still appreciate having something nice.

3rd Jan 2018, 05:15

Not wasted, those kinds of high end trucks tend to turn into collectors items which actually appreciate in value.