18th May 2017, 14:59

Yeah, hopefully the midsize Tacoma owners read this and realize what they are missing.

18th May 2017, 19:51

Hopefully the Big 3 families will love this. Very sharp, especially the frontal view. They have it all as far as sweet options.

21st May 2017, 03:25

Thanks for a thoughtful, useful, review :)

23rd May 2017, 21:35

The wheel openings on these trucks are way too big and ruin the looks of the body. The size of the gap between the top of the tire to the top of the wheel opening is ridiculous.

24th May 2017, 10:07

Can't wait to order one. I always get Arctic White.

24th May 2017, 20:16

I thought you already have two of them.

24th May 2017, 21:12

Will now have to settle for Summit White.

25th May 2017, 17:58

Yes but I don't keep them long. My Aunt actually leases cars annually. Lately Explorers. Turns one in, gets another.

25th May 2017, 22:15

White looks good on pickups for city and fleet use.

26th May 2017, 08:20

White looks really nice on many cars. Luxury sedans and SUVs. On business trucks with lettering involved, I think others colors often look better with the logos. It's pretty amazing seeing computer layouts with what sign shops can do for your trucks, enclosed trailers etc today. From lettering to wraps. You want people to call you.

26th May 2017, 15:03

That's a good way to pay a fine for returning it early.

26th May 2017, 21:44

What fine on a 1 year closed end lease? No penalty is probably what you meant if you adhere to lease terms you both agreed on. With mileage limits. There are obviously longer leases. But they are in their 70s and have no issue whatsoever with it. They like a new car every year and it works. Turn it in and walk away. No buying or selling issues. If you factor in depreciation, even paying cash it's better as a lease. As I have heard in their situation. In reality, many make payments on a car and don't really own it anyway. Then with age you deal with breakdowns, hassle and repairs. When I get older I may do it myself. Right now I am car heavy, not payments wise, just vehicles, but like what I have. To each his own.

8th Dec 2017, 13:56

I almost have 30,000 miles on this truck now. Have had absolutely no issues since I replaced the washer bottle due to a leak. I have replaced the tires with All-Terrain tires from Yokohama and have had a slight decrease in fuel mileage (which was expected), but the original tires from the factory wore out quick. Other than that, changing the oil every 5,000 miles and rotating the tires has been the only maintenance performed on this truck.

31st Dec 2017, 19:32

Totally agree, a very big turn off when it comes to the looks of the truck.

1st Jan 2018, 01:56

You can simply change the stance of your car, truck, SUV etc. And also go to a different tire profile and rims. We bought a Rubicon (not a truck) and had it disassembled the same day. Who says you have to stay stock?

1st Jan 2018, 15:50

Or buy an F-150 or Ram and don't waste the extra money changing rims & tires, because both have normal looking wheel openings.

2nd Jan 2018, 13:00

When spending $58,000, is it really a big concern to add some personal upgrades that appeal to your driving enjoyment? Hardly.

2nd Jan 2018, 20:30

It's your money, waste it wisely.

2nd Jan 2018, 23:45

I have my doubts that somebody is going to spend $58k on a truck that they find the looks unattractive and then dump another few thousand on rims and tires. It was pointed out in earlier comments that there is a huge gap between the top of the tire and top of the wheel opening on the current Silverado, and I tend to agree that it is hideous looking. Also putting custom wheels and tires in place of the stock won't remedy the gap. You have to purchase a lowering kit.

2nd Jan 2018, 23:52

Depends on what you consider wasteful. Most people have some type of activity, hobby, trips etc that they devote some of their discretionary income towards. Invest and still have time for fun or play. Doing some sedate, reversible, tasteful upgrades can really make a new vehicle your very own. Some of these changes you can even remove and transfer to the next. In the Northeast many of us run 2 sets of wheels and tires due to winter mix on the roadways. It’s amazing how this one change alone can make such a instant nice transformation in appearance. You can also eBay the stock parts or takeoffs to go towards the look you are after. Or do nothing and still appreciate having something nice.

3rd Jan 2018, 05:15

Not wasted, those kinds of high end trucks tend to turn into collectors items which actually appreciate in value.

3rd Jan 2018, 12:55

Nothing wrong with new Ford full sizes. My son bought one and it’s pretty nice. I have had very good luck with Silverados since the 80s, mainly used for towing purposes. And it's very handy to have one. The only real downsides are the parking, weaker door hinges, and had some issues with deteriorated brake lines. However they have become much more car-like with the nicer interiors, better insulated, dash displays and ride. I’ve done some performance upgrades, however they are still always going to be a truck.

3rd Jan 2018, 13:25

Right. They might appreciate in value, but only many years AFTER they have depreciated to a fraction of their original sticker price, and ONLY if they have been maintained and kept in good shape.

3rd Jan 2018, 17:10

Current generation Silverado? Yeah, maybe 30 years from now.

3rd Jan 2018, 18:59

I agree it’s not and didn’t buy for that reason. It’s mainly nice to add more personal upgrades to mainly make it even nicer during your period of ownership. There are certainly collectible trucks such as low production special editions. Maybe the early 90s full size black Chevrolet SS454, but puny HP and the early first couple of years version did not have overdrive. I wouldn’t mind having an early Chevrolet Cameo pick up from the mid 50s. But new, no. They depreciate just like most other new ones.

4th Jan 2018, 02:08

I could deck out a 2005 Silverado tomorrow and fetch more than sticker for it. You underestimate how much people in the South especially value blinged out, full size American made trucks.

4th Jan 2018, 10:24

With the snowfall today in the Northeast, it’s our vehicle of choice today. It makes it invaluable. Safe, 4WD, nicely equipped, comfortable for us. We had 2 small trucks in the past. Pretty useless if all you are saving is a bit of gas only. This conversation drifted into cost. Doesn’t discuss how nice they are to have. You don’t have to buy one. In fact there is even mass transportation with trains and buses. We have a bus stop in the front of our development, so there’s alternatives. Keep your money in the bank, and if this works for you, go for it. Having an extra vehicle like this today is great. I will probably be the first one into work today. That gets you raises to buy new vehicles.

4th Jan 2018, 13:43

Uh huh. Buy a 2005 Silverado for $4000, spend another $8000 to "deck it out", then sell it for $7500. What a deal.

4th Jan 2018, 20:11

If you had only decked your 2005 with a Meyers snow plow on it today (in the Northeast) you would make a killer quick flip. It would be ringing your phone non stop with buyers with cash in hand. I always looked at the thousands of dollars my full size 8 ft bed trucks have saved... spur of the moment opportunities at many sales and auctions. Many estate sales. Not fretting over a vehicle price. There is always a way to somehow make a buck with a truck if that’s a concern. My recommendation, buy full sizes but not step sides or abbreviated 6 foot beds, or a larger Escalade EXT, or Avalanche even. Nice to tow, but I feel the little bed makes it pretty much unusable. Why not just buy a nice new one and enjoy it vs fret so much over costs. That seems to be the norm by a few on here. Only what things cost. Not what you can accomplish. Load carrying, towing capabilities seem more of a topic to explore.