5th Jan 2018, 04:42

Please list the 8 grand of options you recommended.

5th Jan 2018, 18:54

As you wish.

4 "skull" tire valve caps: $5.99.

Will have to get back to you with the rest...

5th Jan 2018, 21:39

Wow $4024 invested. Sweet flip for 7500. Congratulations. I bought another Weatherguard crossover box for mine for $800. Better than cheap junky ones with terrible hinges.

6th Jan 2018, 02:20

A custom grille with a clean look, blacked out taillights, a spray on bed protector, dropping it a few inches, mud flaps, a chain license plate border, and slick flares on the extended cab side windows. Would double the value of the truck, minimum.

6th Jan 2018, 06:28

$4K? You just be thinking of the S-10. A 2005 Silverado should be more like $9-10K. People really love these trucks. Pay $10K for a truck in good shape, toss in about $5K worth of upgrades, could sell at a show for $20K easily. Or, you could sit on it for a while and let it accumulate value as a collector’s item. Most people just want to have daily drivers and don’t love vehicles enough to look at as investments.

6th Jan 2018, 10:50

Wow 6.00 valve caps seem wasteful. I bought plain chrome ones all 4 for only 3.00 total. That leaves $7,997.00 I can spend today at Autozone for some nice mats.

6th Jan 2018, 13:18

"you could sit on it for a while and let it accumulate value as a collectors' item"?

Sure, if you define "a while" as 30-40 years, during which time you would still have to pay for maintenance, storage, etc, unless you want it to deteriorate into junk!

6th Jan 2018, 16:57

And if you have a diesel, a nice stacker exhaust coming out the bed so the back of the cab can get smoke and soot stains.

6th Jan 2018, 18:04

I think we have a Tacoma comparison going on here. Never had a Silverado.

7th Jan 2018, 13:03

What’s the relevance of all this to a specific 2016 or newer Silverado review? In 10 years or less, buy a new one. The Chevrolet My Link alone will be eclipsed with far greater technology then. Come on, soot on seats? Getting carried away.

7th Jan 2018, 20:20

It says on the back of the cab. Not on the seats.

8th Jan 2018, 12:58

I have new cat backs that exit the rear bumper. Not stacks.

I hate to burst the financial bubble discussion, but buying new trucks are rarely rewarding financial investments. You are better investing your money in other areas. And then use the profit to put into a new one. Your real investment is having a new vehicle; likely to be reliable, newer equipment and safety features in place. Plus it feels good as well. You earned it and are driving a fresh vehicle to be proud of. Sure there are future collectibles. But I buy for application when it involves new trucks. That’s the investment.

If I am missing something on the best new full size trick to buy next, I am listening. I am all for wisely investing and making money. Classics can definitely be investments if you know what you are doing. What to buy new in 2018. What’s your opinion? I am listening. If buying a new vehicle and hanging onto it for 30 years is raking it in, what truck is it?

8th Jan 2018, 19:00

What does any of that have to do with correcting the previous comment about soot getting on the seats?

9th Jan 2018, 09:29

Put a 4 inch elbow on your diesel; that should resolve your cab issue. Are there other new diesel Silverado owners on here? Is this a big concern. I am actually more concerned with acid rain. Mine only run gas and I prefer to run Shell in them.

9th Jan 2018, 19:08

I'm not the one that has the problem. Just wanted to know what your previous comment had to do with soot getting on seats. Obviously your stack is too low and you are driving with your rear slide window open.

10th Jan 2018, 10:40

Personally I detect import on this comment over cab soot. Seems so out there, off the wall with all the favorable comments overall on this vehicle. And if they had one, they would be touting the horsepower and why they spent even more over gasoline. These are quite expensive.

As far as newer ones, also consider this. The new Duramax 6.6L is capable of running on B20 biodiesel, a fuel composed of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent conventional diesel. B20 helps lower carbon dioxide emissions and lessens dependence on petroleum. It is a domestically produced, renewable fuel made primarily of plant matter — mostly soybean oil. I owned only one diesel vehicle in my lifetime. A Mercedes, not a truck. Maybe little relevance to the review, but I never had issues with soot on my car or my suits.

10th Jan 2018, 17:15

My advice to you if you have soot stains on your cab, is to acquire a product called "De-Solv-It". Specially formulated to remove the black soot. Just be careful; if left on paint too long, it could remove that also. Good luck.

11th Jan 2018, 10:52

You would think there would be more to comment on a diesel 3/4 ton model costing well over 60k than just soot. This is a larger full size, not a small commuter pick up truck. To recoup its cost over a gas model, you would need to drive it well over 100,000 miles to break even. Which if you drive very long distances towing a heavy load, it would be a great application. I do that, but with shorter distance it’s fine. Your diesel filters and maintenance costs are higher. I don’t drive a 3/4 ton pickup enough to justify this, plus I do not keep vehicles that even see 100,000 miles. The MPG is slightly better on diesel, but the gas version is close nowadays The added torque would be nice at times. But our terrain is pretty flat. Some considerations relevant and quite specific to this review topic on looking at newer generation Silverado models.

12th Jan 2018, 17:06

So in comment 13:00 you stated the a gas version is over $58k and now you claim owning a diesel requires 100,000 miles to break even and recoup the cost over gas? Wow, a whopping $2k more for a diesel that you say cost $60k. Put your custom wheels on for $2k and you match the price of a diesel. Just hope the tires don't wear prematurely; then you will be over the price of the diesel.

12th Jan 2018, 22:03

Critiquing again eh? Now off the soot at least. Stats are published based as an “average” consumer. They are not buying the most expensive gas models. You have low, mid range and highly optioned. And buy accordingly. Note the word average not fully equipped. We didn’t even consider this alternative, so what’s the point? One tough cookie here. If you went diesel and a 3/4 ton one, either way, fantastic. Welcome at least to the Silverado family. Great choice!

12th Jan 2018, 23:10

Buddy of mine had a 2003 F-350 Powerstroke, bought new, put 325,000 miles on it, used it for work, towing, the whole nine yards and traded it 2 years ago. I guess he "broke even" eh?

13th Jan 2018, 12:57

So if we buy new every 36,000 miles, am far ahead of the game, correct? People are not all the same. If we wanted diesel, the added price factor wouldn’t actually matter.

You expect people to buy what you want them to buy. We all buy what we like. Not everybody buys solely only on price. Well maybe some do by the sounds of it. If you want to emulate your buddy, that’s fantastic. That’s why manufacturers offer buyers different vehicle levels. In this segment there are many different directions you can go. Beyond just drivetrains alone. 1/2 ton and up. Towing packages. Bare bones to loaded trim levels. Or buy a small one, it’s your choice. Just as it is ours. Enjoy your vehicle that meets your personal needs.