13th Jan 2018, 19:12

23:10 That’s a no. It’s new vs new. You pick one new. Choose gas or diesel. The note the exact cash purchase price difference before you even turn the key and leave the new dealer showroom. Then you calculate how much lower cost diesel fuel savings you will have to experience to warrant the higher price over gas. That’s what that means. Then compare to the new purchase price of the gasoline version. Both new vehicles will in fact depreciate either way. But it’s the fuel savings, longer prolonged cross country distances, towing mountainous terrain etc that is more the appeal of diesel.

19th Jan 2018, 12:20

Wow. I didn't think my review of my truck would get so many comments.

19th Jan 2018, 21:58

It happen on here sometimes :) Often a good review will get no comments. But then someone picks up on a small inconsistency or takes something someone wrote the wrong way and comment sections go on forever :)

20th Jan 2018, 01:48

"That's a no"

Oh - so having the truck for 13+ years, using it for everything under the sun, racking up high miles and being totally reliable, he didn't "break even", nor get his money's worth? Comments 19:12 and 12:20 both talk in riddles; probably written by the same person.

20th Jan 2018, 18:37

OK, I will make it very simple. I like and continue to buy brand new Silverado gasoline only models. There’s no riddles. I also wrote 19:12, not the other post. I may not drive as far as you guys, but I really like this vehicle. As far as getting my money’s worth, that’s affirmative as well. What I tow is significantly more valuable. Does the job safely, reliable, and works extremely well for the situation. I think we are on the same plain. The value is there for you with your Silverado as well; only difference being is you keep it longer. Mine may have a lower odometer reading, but actually did heavy actual towing. How that factors on actual drivetrain longevity would make for a very interesting comparison. Good luck!

21st Jan 2018, 17:06

No not really. Very few of the comments actually pertain to the review at all.

21st Jan 2018, 22:49

Especially coming from the import camp. Also as a side note, on a 2016 review it would be very nice to read more than one other commenter sharing their info on a current Silverado version.

20th May 2018, 04:13

"They keep getting better"

Only time will tell with the 2019 models now offering a 4 banger motor.

20th May 2018, 13:37

So that’s incredibly easy. Simply buy a larger Silverado such as a 3/4 ton capacity up with a very powerful V8 or diesel. I'm sure you won’t have any difficulty towing or carrying loads. I have been buying new ones for years. A couple friends/family members have larger Ford F Series and they are a fine choice as well. Pick your favorite and enjoy. Trucks are incredibly versatile and it's hard to not have one even as a second or third vehicle. My son said his would actually be fine as a daily only driver. The only drawback is parking. But he still drives his to work at times in bad weather. Ours is a weekender.

20th May 2018, 19:23

I agree. Not a good idea. These are not even on sale yet, and already the automotive press is predicting this option will be a flop.

21st May 2018, 18:40

Why discuss it if you are not for it? I have never owned a 4 cylinder truck. Stick with V8 only. No fretting. No regrets.

22nd May 2018, 14:07

Why not discuss it? That's what forums like this are about. Freedom of speech, opinionated comments. Somebody stated that an entry level 4 cylinder is a bad idea. Looks like others agree. Case closed.

22nd May 2018, 15:23

So, in other words you have to be "for it" in order to discuss it?

What about the average Ford buyer that has always purchased "new" sedans? Can't do that much longer.

If they are not "for it" according to you I guess they are not allowed to discuss it.

22nd May 2018, 18:23

I do not feel an engine option concern negates the purchase of a new full size pickup. I wouldn’t go for that option either. But being you can buy the exact same vehicle body, interior, bed dimension etc, why walk? You may opt for a 6 in one or a V8. Beyond that you can upgrade to an even bigger Silverado truck. This is not a car. With that being said, if it’s 4 cylinder and doesn’t fly well, go to plan B or A for that matter. Nothing wrong with a 1500 work truck with a 6. At least it’s full size, not a downsized mini truck. That 4 cylinder may work fine for mini trucks. But on a full size review, the body size is important. So no 4 for us. That’s a very easy concern to address. Put another engine in the same vehicle offered.

23rd May 2018, 11:47

I would look seriously into a Range AFM disabler or similar to keep it always in V8 mode 100% of the time. 420 HP Silverado. May pay a bit more at the pump, light load or not.

28th Sep 2018, 15:35

This truck is now closing in on 40,000 miles. Only thing added was a custom tune to disable the AFM. Fuel economy is steady at 15 city/22 highway, and 17 combined. No issues. The truck has been great to me.