20th May 2018, 13:37

So that’s incredibly easy. Simply buy a larger Silverado such as a 3/4 ton capacity up with a very powerful V8 or diesel. I'm sure you won’t have any difficulty towing or carrying loads. I have been buying new ones for years. A couple friends/family members have larger Ford F Series and they are a fine choice as well. Pick your favorite and enjoy. Trucks are incredibly versatile and it's hard to not have one even as a second or third vehicle. My son said his would actually be fine as a daily only driver. The only drawback is parking. But he still drives his to work at times in bad weather. Ours is a weekender.

20th May 2018, 19:23

I agree. Not a good idea. These are not even on sale yet, and already the automotive press is predicting this option will be a flop.