22nd May 2018, 18:23

I do not feel an engine option concern negates the purchase of a new full size pickup. I wouldn’t go for that option either. But being you can buy the exact same vehicle body, interior, bed dimension etc, why walk? You may opt for a 6 in one or a V8. Beyond that you can upgrade to an even bigger Silverado truck. This is not a car. With that being said, if it’s 4 cylinder and doesn’t fly well, go to plan B or A for that matter. Nothing wrong with a 1500 work truck with a 6. At least it’s full size, not a downsized mini truck. That 4 cylinder may work fine for mini trucks. But on a full size review, the body size is important. So no 4 for us. That’s a very easy concern to address. Put another engine in the same vehicle offered.

23rd May 2018, 11:47

I would look seriously into a Range AFM disabler or similar to keep it always in V8 mode 100% of the time. 420 HP Silverado. May pay a bit more at the pump, light load or not.