20th Apr 2018, 15:06

Not a mechanic at all. But I sense you have two different issues. What I have read is that if you lose the alternator for even a short period of time, it effects other components like the power steering. Not sure why, but it does. And for me the common denominator would be the drive belts getting wet. Not sure if you have a serpentine belt or separate belts. Is it possible it's slipping when it gets wet? Is it the pulleys that support it getting wet? Is it a bearing that is getting wet, causing it to freeze, get stuck or spin, causing the alternator to fail for a short period of time... not sure. But sooner or later the failed part or parts will show itself. I sense your van is giving you a warning.

20th Apr 2018, 21:09

The belt is getting wet and slipping on the pulleys, causing momentary loss of alternator and power steering function. And the dealer mechanics could not figure this out?

Try slowing down when you "drive through a puddle".

21st Apr 2018, 16:35

Put the plastic splash shield back on.