6th Sep 2010, 12:27

I have a 2004 Montana, it is a really great van.

I do not like the SV6 models, clumsy looking front, seats are poor, interior is bland compared with the nice colors of the 2004, the dashboard of the 2004 is a better looking design.

I drove the SV6 and when I got back to my old Montana it was like getting out of a truck and getting into a car.

The new models (SUV types) are not for me, might as well go to a pickup. They are ugly, clumsy things to maneuver around town with all the congestion we have today.

May have to look at the imports later, a GM customer for over 60 years.

20th Oct 2010, 20:40

Hi, I have a 2008 Montana, 105,000kms. I really like the ride; it's great on the hwy.

Since week one, the tire sensors are off. Changed 3 of them once, and the other twice.

The cables for the anti-skid sensors needed to be changed due to corrosion.

While driving every now and then, the dashboard display goes off and turns back on, looks like a computer reboot, and the best for last, about a dozen times now, I turn the key and nothing happens. I pull the key out, put it back, in turn the ignition 5, 10, 20 times, then it starts. It's been to the dealers 4 times for this problem; they haven't found the problem yet.

28th Nov 2010, 14:50

2006 Pontiac Montana 3.5L.

I'm having problems. Love the van, but just started having problems with it starting. I have 135k miles on it, and whenever I try to start it, I have to hold the gas pedal down just a little for it to start. If I try to use remote start, it just keeps trying to start.. HELP.

9th May 2011, 14:29

Rough idling - head gasket issues, covered under powertrain warranty.

14th Jul 2011, 15:00


Did you ever find out what was the cause of your engine light coming on? I am running into the same problem. We have a 2008 Pontiac Montana SV6. The light comes on after I have been driving it for a couple of hours. It has come on before, and then disappeared. It also runs rough while at a red light. Twice I called OnStar to do a diagnostic test, and an error code comes up saying I should reduce my speed, and that the van is misfiring.

Thank you.

5th Jan 2012, 21:14

The Chevy Venture and Pontiac Montana are the same vehicle. Both are GM products and are identical. I have owned several, and operate them as a courier, averaging 100,000 km a year driving.

I have never had any major issues with them, other than usual regular things that go with use.

I think biggest reason people have problems with these is a lack of regular maintenance. Change the oil every 3000-5000 km. If you do more driving in the city, then go with 3000km.

Transmission service every 40,000 or 2 years. Do not flush the system, only change the fluid and filter.

Cooling system every year; drain and replace antifreeze.

Then your vehicle will last.

I have a 2001 with 400,000 km, and a 2002 with 284,000 km. I will be buying a 2008 Extended, and expect it to be the same.

5th Jan 2012, 21:16

Try a tune up.

1st Dec 2012, 15:37

Had the same problem. Went on for 1 year. Each time the dealer replaced the oxygen senor. But there are two sensors. At last they replaced both at the same time, and the problem has not reoccurred.

12th Dec 2012, 09:14

I had the same problem with my Montana. What gas brand are you using? I noticed anytime I fueled up with Co-OP or a lesser grade, the engine light came on. When fuelling with Esso, Petro-Canada or Shell, I never had the problem. Seems kind of idiotic, but that's all it took. Better than paying the dealership $500.00 to "fix" it.

29th Dec 2012, 19:34

Stick with the old body style, the 05 and a half and up are cheaply made piles of junk. I regret selling my 2002 that was comfortable and a lot more eye appealing for my 07 extended money pit.

14th Jul 2015, 14:47

My Pontiac 2008 has had many issues with the engine light. It had the oxygen sensors both changed twice. Then it started to state that there was too much fuel. So the fuel pump was changed twice. Now the engine light comes on for a day or two and disappears. I don't get it into the dealer fast enough before the light goes out.

17th Jul 2015, 18:38

I have a 2008 Pontiac Montana SV6 and the quality of the material used, wheel bearings, oil seals, steering racks, etc., are very poor quality. I have approx. 60,000 km on the vehicle and the front engine seal leaks, the back engine seal leaks, the power steering rack boots are so full of oil that it's weeping out from them. I have a water leak in the back.

Not a very good vehicle in my opinion. Will not buy another GM product.

18th Sep 2015, 13:37

I'm just starting to have similar problems with my 2008 van. I've got 98,290 km on my odometer.