22nd Sep 2018, 15:13

Some of us older guys will have cars that will in time be worth over 7 figures. I predict younger buyers will still see the allure and investment in these classic cars.

22nd Sep 2018, 21:54

I drove a Tesla Model S via an invitation from the local dealer, and I was impressed - within 3 minutes of driving around, both in city and motorway, the car felt exactly like being in an Audi A6 with a petrol (gas) engine, down to the feel of the accelerator pedal. I totally forgot I was in a fully electric car. Having driven a Prius before (thought it was rather eerie), the Tesla was downright remarkable.

But you are right about the battery. I also have a current aversion to buying a preposterously expensive car from a company which has barely made any money, and fear that it would end up an orphan once investors decide enough is enough. If I were forced to go luxury hybrid or electric, I would rather go for something from Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus, Jag, Genesis, Audi, BMW etc., knowing that if I happened to own one at 20 years old, I could still find parts (regardless of price) at a local dealer, or it could be ordered in from Germany (or Japan/Korea).

I can't help but think though that the very sudden move to hybrids and electrics (there has always been hesitation) is a knee-jerk reaction to Dieselgate. After all, diesel was seen as being ecologically friendly based on what people were told were the facts (i.e. emissions, which were outed to be wrong) but that also included truths such as a far longer driving range for the same litre/gallon of fuel. Suddenly diesel was outed as a big evil. So hybrids here we go!

What happens then if someone outs hybrids or electrics someday as emitting EMF or whatever, causing cancer? Isn't electromagnetic stuff still currently feared to cause cancer with cellphone batteries (despite not having anything yet conclusive, everyone is told to limit use of handheld phones and use hands-free), and why many houses that are located below high-tension power pylons are difficult to sell?

Never mind, short of everyone going back to buying a horse, I guess we can only deal with things one at a time. For now, it's keeping what we have, running and being of service.