12th Aug 2019, 20:21

The point was replacing dated parts in old cars as you likely surmised.

Also I had Pontiac sedans as company cars from this time period. Peaked my interest even if they were turned in before age and mileage was ever an issue.

Sometimes making a point or analogy runs awry when sticklers have some form of agenda. To put it in another way, you can have a late high mileage vehicle and may not to attend to engine design weaknesses. Or have an older vehicle (even with very low mileage) that has deterioration of some parts. I don’t care if you are comparing same make and same model, it goes either way with automobiles, trucks, boats and even airplanes. Advanced age or high mileage deteriorates parts. Happens to a Ferrari or Pontiac. Let maintenance go and engines can go boom.

13th Aug 2019, 02:31

I’d rather have a Volt.