24th Dec 2019, 15:55

Reading your review, its title and earlier comments that followed; it looks like you spoke way too soon. That's why it's logical to post at least 5 years into ownership. Anything can happen or go wrong. This includes the Toyota's and Honda's that are supposed to be so good.

24th Dec 2019, 22:54

56,000 on my wife’s Buick LaCrosse, all highway. Tires, oil changes, new battery. That’s it. Average 28 MPG. Not garbage; in fact I own one too with 27,000 miles on mine. No issues on mine either. Fluids and air filter. Cheap and no down time. Why not just buy a brand new car or a bigger car that has minimal issues? And have a loaner car while under warranty. Our cars are so quiet and smooth that you don’t hear them running. I almost left my car running a couple times thinking it was off. How old were your parents cars? I hope it’s not citations. Keep cars too long and expect issues. And then you get old and never enjoy fun cars from before.

25th Dec 2019, 17:25

I find this comment fascinating... If, in nine years of ownership and over 150,000 miles you've only encountered these you're doing good. Yes(!), the heater core is a big pain. I have a 91 Volvo 780 Bertone and, as you say, the part cost $41, labor $980. My mechanic said it's the worst job ever. As for the tail lights, I agree, I own a 2013 Volt and again, a pain. But, if you've spent even $3,000 on repairs in the last five years, that's an average of $50 a month. Try replacing it for that coat... The Li-Ion battery is a degrading element, it deteriorates over time. The current estimates show ~ 2.3 - 3% per year. In 9 years a 39 mile range goes to 32... You are right in line with that rate of deterioration. @ 29 you can expect the computer to flag a battery replacement. That should occur at the current rate in 4 more years. @ ~210,000 miles at your current rate. If you get 13 years and 200,000 out of the car you should not complain. Replacing the batteries (2) will cost ~ $3,500 to $4,000. But again, the overall cost of ownership is much lower than leasing/buying every 3-5 years...

25th Dec 2019, 23:04

That's pretty amazing that you see a ton of the first generation Priuses. I guess wherever you reside people hold on to them. I see about one every 3 months. The rest are the second to current generation dust-buster looking.