4th Feb 2020, 22:23

Please don't remove the cats.... for starters that means your car is going to spew raw, untreated exhaust into the atmosphere. Secondly, your car will probably start running like you do. And lastly? If you live in one of the many states that have smog and inspections? The car will fail instantly.

5th Feb 2020, 22:49

The state of Colorado, where the reviewer presumably lives, requires emissions testing every two years on vehicles older than 7 years, so your advice, to remove the catalytic converters, is not something that should be followed.

6th Feb 2020, 15:50

They are called dummy cats; won’t trip O2. Glad you mentioned check your state on emissions. Don’t worry about other poster; he missed your advisory, and if it’s legal in your state, go ahead. My son runs these on his Challenger SRT8 Hemi manual in Florida.