13th May 2020, 20:31

No kidding about the plastics comment. My Grandmother owned a 1997 LeSabre. First of all whoever designed the layout of the engine was not really thinking of service because the power steering fluid reservoir was nearly impossible to get at, and a few of the spark plugs were also really hard to install as they were shoved way back under the firewall. But anyway, she ran into something one day and put a dent in one of the doors. So I decided to pop out the dent, requiring the removal of the interior panel. When I did it was amazing how cheap it was. The plastics reminded me of the same kind of plastics used for household appliances and garbage cans. Just as cheap as all get out. It's amazing how awful the interiors were on American cars 20 years ago.

15th May 2020, 23:45

Sure, those 1980's LeSabres had "nicer" interiors.

But only if you are a fan of acres of tacky fake wood and plastic "chrome" trim...