26th Jul 2020, 12:49

The point was the absence of keyless entry is not a fault. That is all.

26th Jul 2020, 13:07

There was a time I preferred hand crank windows. Never went bad Vs electric with failed regulators. I had a new Acura; in a few months the power driver's side jammed and shattered the window all over me. I was going through a drive-through.

26th Jul 2020, 21:14

Good point about the crank starting LOL!

However before keyless entry was available, I don't remember having to actually use a key to lock the doors. Pushing a button or knob on the door panel (manual or power) usually took about as much time as pushing the lock button on a modern key pad or fob.

27th Jul 2020, 13:58

"Crank handle to start"

Very funny.

But in all seriousness, no one is saying very old cars are better, but here is a short, non-exhaustive list of modern features most I know who like cars complain about;

Electronic E-brake - We were doing fine with a lever.

Auto lights/rain sensitive windscreen wipe - very irritating, I like to set those things myself.

Climate control with lots of fiddly buttons - and pressing some buttons always set it to a fan speed you do not like (usually too fast) and have to set it again - we were doing fine with the old manual disc/sliders.

Absence of a full size spare wheel - I cannot stand those puncture repair kits.

Touch screen radio with a hundred menu's/sub-menu's - very distracting on the move (potentially dangerous?)

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point.