2013 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ V6 from North America


Do your research before you buy this


It rides smooth, is great on gas and it does what I need it to do.

The biggest issues are:

1. It doesn't have vents in the backseat, so you only get the air blowing from the front which isn't enough!

2. No keyless entrance or push start.

General Comments:

Don't buy if you expect people to ride in the backseat.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2020

25th Jul 2020, 11:53

No key-less entry is a fault? Personally I hate those modern features, but if you like them, fair enough, but that's definitely not the car's fault!

26th Jul 2020, 12:03

You "hate those modern features"?

So, you would rather turn a key in the keyhole every time to lock and unlock the doors? Maybe you would also prefer having to hand crank a car to start it?

2013 Chevrolet Equinox LT from North America


Very good vehicle so far


A/C unit has stopped cooling.

All else is good.

General Comments:

Very nice looking vehicle. I have the white diamond color. I get compliments on the appearance of my vehicle on occasion. I have been asked if I would like to sell.

I bought my first one because 3 of my friends had one that I really liked.

I did not think that I would like it as well as I liked my Buick Lacrosse, as I have had two; but I really like my car. Two more of my friends went and bought an Equinox; and they are very pleased with their purchases.

I would not recommend to a really large person, as another friend is quite large and says that it is very uncomfortable to drive because of his size.

My one and only disappointment has been the A/C blowing not very cold air in the middle of the summer. I am hoping a little Freon will fix that.

The gas mileage is good. The vehicle runs very quietly. It seems to be heavy enough for good traction on wet surfaces. It has plenty of power for my needs. And, I can haul pretty much what I need to in the rear section.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

2013 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ 4 cylinder from North America


Sensible, practical car with many advanced features


Still new, so far nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Nice car, and drives smoothly for a Chevrolet. You hardly feel the bumps on the road, which is a pleasant change from our previous Jeep Liberty. We did get the souped up LTZ with navigation and sunroof, but only the 4 cylinder engine.

We chose the 4 cylinder over the 6 cylinder on purpose, mainly to save on gas. With mostly city driving, without the engine even being broken in yet, we already average 25 MPG, which to us isn't bad at all. The one time that we had it on the highway, a 100 mile trip, it averaged around 30 MPG. This isn't bad at all, since this SUV is pretty large, and for a small SUV, heavy. I was used to larger and more powerful engines, so it must be admitted that I feel like the 4 cylinder is somewhat weak, though it's enough for regular day to day driving. Keep in mind that while the optional 6 cylinder engine does give the Equinox more get up and go, with that comes a price: worse MPG. So, six of one and a half dozen of the other. We decided that with gas prices the way that they are nowadays, we'll stick with the economical choice.

This is the first vehicle that we've ever had that had the 'fancy radio' with a DVD screen, navigation, touch screen, satellite radio, and a whole bunch of other bells and whistles. For the first couple of days it was all that we could do to simply listen to the radio, since everything seemed so complicated. But as time passes we're learning more and more, and are now happy. Note that our car salesman had very little idea of how the radio worked either, since this upgraded version with the 250 watts and navigation is apparently not such a hot seller. Maybe he was new?

One small complaint is that there is no light in the glove compartment box, not even on our top of the line LTZ. Strange. Also, our Equinox's exterior is red in color, which we requested, but did not realize that Chevrolet wanted 200+ extra dollars if you wanted this color. Seems like a pretty basic color, though nice, but why the extra fee? We would prefer it if there were a power door lock button on the drivers door also, but have gotten used to that button being on the front console under the radio/AC. Not a huge deal really.

The back tailgate door opens and closes automatically, which is pretty cool, and also you can remote start this vehicle, which we loved. We live on the coast in South Carolina, and it is VERY nice to be able to start your car 5 minutes before you leave your house to let the interior cool off. We also look forward to heating up the car before entering too in January and February. True, not much of a winter here, but it can get cold now and then. Those of you in colder climates will love to have the heat hot and the windows defrosted, all from the push of a button inside your home before you even walk out of your front door.

The seats are leather and very comfortable. The back seat is wonderful, and really one of the main selling points of this car. If you regularly have adults in the back seat, then be sure to give the Equinox a good look (and the GMC Terrain too), since there is plenty of room back there, even for large and/or tall passengers. The back seat even adjusts forward and backwards, and also reclines partially too. In the way back, the cargo area is not especially large, but large enough for basic needs. I don't think you will fit luggage for four adults going on a four day trip back there unless you pile it up so high that you block the back window, but you would fit enough for two adults and two children.

We choose the Chevrolet Equinox over the GMC Terrain, mainly because of styling and price, even though otherwise these two are just about exactly the same. The Terrain was too boxy for our tastes, and for some inexplicable reason was also about a thousand dollars more expensive too, even though nobody could readily point out anything on the Terrain that the Equinox didn't also have as far as features and options go. But, when it comes down to it, this is a matter of taste. The Equinox looks more conservative and streamlined, and the Terrain looked more truck-like and square. Each to his or her own.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2013

14th Sep 2013, 06:00


After having this SUV for three months now, the free SiriusXM subscription expired. I tried to renew, BUT according to their records, my radio had already been registered by somebody else before I bought this car. So, apparently, even though I bought this 2013 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ with navigation brand new, the stereo in it was used. Maybe it was originally in another car and malfunctioned, and the dealership switched it out? Or was my car previously owned?

A bit disturbing. I emailed my salesman two days ago, but no response. And, to top it all off, SiriusXM won't let me subscribe, because they don't think that I own the radio that's in my car. So now I only have AM FM, even though this is the LTZ model with the premium stereo, I'm back to living in 1975 with only a radio :)

SiriusXM wants my dealership to call them directly. So, since they aren't responding to my email, I guess I have to drive over there and beg them to please call....

2013 Chevrolet Equinox 2LT from North America


I recommend it, but from a different dealership


Had a temporary problem with the computer system (radio, phone etc.). It righted itself, but the Chevrolet dealer's response was "the previous salesman didn't tell you he would fix it for free, did he?" RUDE... one of 3 times, and I've only owned the car for a few months.

General Comments:

The car is great, I am very happy with it.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2013