26th Jul 2020, 12:49

The point was the absence of keyless entry is not a fault. That is all.

26th Jul 2020, 13:07

There was a time I preferred hand crank windows. Never went bad Vs electric with failed regulators. I had a new Acura; in a few months the power driver's side jammed and shattered the window all over me. I was going through a drive-through.

26th Jul 2020, 21:14

Good point about the crank starting LOL!

However before keyless entry was available, I don't remember having to actually use a key to lock the doors. Pushing a button or knob on the door panel (manual or power) usually took about as much time as pushing the lock button on a modern key pad or fob.

27th Jul 2020, 03:01

Not sure what the reviewer is talking about, but I myself am pretty sure that keyless entry was standard on every 2013 Equinox trim level or package.

27th Jul 2020, 13:58

"Crank handle to start"

Very funny.

But in all seriousness, no one is saying very old cars are better, but here is a short, non-exhaustive list of modern features most I know who like cars complain about;

Electronic E-brake - We were doing fine with a lever.

Auto lights/rain sensitive windscreen wipe - very irritating, I like to set those things myself.

Climate control with lots of fiddly buttons - and pressing some buttons always set it to a fan speed you do not like (usually too fast) and have to set it again - we were doing fine with the old manual disc/sliders.

Absence of a full size spare wheel - I cannot stand those puncture repair kits.

Touch screen radio with a hundred menu's/sub-menu's - very distracting on the move (potentially dangerous?)

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point.

27th Jul 2020, 19:28

Don't you love it when someone uses a computer or a smart phone to broadcast their disdain for modern technology? smh

27th Jul 2020, 21:33

I agree with the last comment... let's add power adjustable steering column, massaging seats, low tire monitor, oil change monitor (I change oil every 3000 miles regardless of what the dealer says), remote start... all these add unnecessary dollars to the price of the vehicle. All I need is A/C, power steering and brakes, and an automatic.

28th Jul 2020, 08:17

No one is saying modern tech is bad, we are just discussing annoying features of modern cars. Anyways, he might have been posting that from a Linux/Unix computer system on an ancient computer, hardly modern ;)

Myself I still use a Commodore 64 and drive an '88 Corolla; people may laugh but I do not care. I only use modern cars and computers when I have to for work ;)

28th Jul 2020, 08:22

Agree, I like A/C, power windows and that's about it. Most older cars I have drove, the tire pressure monitors and other such features are inaccurate or do not work at all.

28th Jul 2020, 13:49

People do not really have a disdain for modern technology, just they like some things, and some other they don't.

By the way, dare I say it but you could blame women for all the electronic things in cars you do not like, like self-parking, hill start assist, etc. Not a sexist comment - market research shows women make most of the decision with cars now. You never hear about guys asking for any of those things :)

28th Jul 2020, 19:53

Never cared for trunk lid pull down mechanisms. Had a Cadillac, Olds Toronado and a Town Car where all 3 of them broke. $250 dollars for a part that takes 2 minutes to change out. My 2002 Town Car thankfully doesn't have one; for whatever reason they went on a hiatus from 98-02.

29th Jul 2020, 12:47

I buy every option. Nothing like waving your hand over your hood and it opens. I could use the remote on my 911, but it’s cool. Car enthusiasts love technology.