13th Aug 2022, 15:06

Yes there was. I believe the Dodge/Plymouth was marketed for the States and Canada while the Chrysler was for overseas.

13th Aug 2022, 18:04

Yes, there was. Perfect example of badge engineering for a company who has had many close calls of failure. Also to cut costs and make it look like each division has a bigger lineup.

Surprisingly the Chrysler division itself is still around with only 2 vehicles in its lineup. You have the Pacifica based on a minivan who's time has come and gone, and the 300 with looks and technology that has barely changed since its debut in 2005. Though I do respect the 300 seeing how it's one of the only traditional fullsize sedans left on the market.

14th Aug 2022, 16:21

Also a Chrysler Neon as I recall. FCA got a lot of use out of that name & car frame back in the day by giving it minor tweaks. Ironic thing was it wasn’t a well designed car. It’s notorious for falling apart regardless of which badge was on it.