Rocsta country 4x4 2.2 diesel

A good little performer

55 words


Rocsta DX 1.8 petrol

Good all round car

60 words

Rocsta DX Deluxe 1.8L petrol

Just get one and surprise your friends

78 words, 1 comment


Rocsta DXL 1.8 petrol

A no frills, but fun machine, good for the city life, but loves the weekends in the country

85 words


Rocsta DX 2.2 Mazda R2 turbo diesel

In low range it's a weapon

100 words, 1 comment

Rocsta 2.2 diesel

This is a great 4wd

41 words


Rocsta 1.8 petrol 5 speed

A pleasure to own, despite compromises

186 words