Rocky RV 2.8 intercooled turbo diesel

I bought it because it was cheap - will buy a Toyota next time

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Rocky 2.8 turbo intercooled diesel

A great car for the more serious young four wheel driver

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Rocky 1.6 fuel injected petrol

Good and light on the wallet

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Rocky SX HD EG 1.6 EFI 4 cylinder

Versatile, well built, reliable small SUV

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Rocky F75 2.8 turbo diesel

You can always rely on a Rocky

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Rocky Prior 2.8 intercooled turbo diesel

Will continue to drive this great car as long as possible, great value for money. The bomb!

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Rocky F70 RV 2.8 diesel

Very surprising

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Rocky EX Short Wheel Base 2.0 petrol (Toyota 3YC)

Thirsty, uncomfortable, but totally bullet-proof

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Rocky DX 2.8 diesel

Noisy, slow, harsh-riding but incredibly faithful, reliable and surprisingly economical

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Rocky EX 2.8 diesel

It's not a speed machine, but it does its job

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Rocky F80RV / F70 2.0 petrol / 2.8 turbo diesel

A very good car to get to those really out of the way places

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Rocky EX 2.8 diesel


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Rocky 1.6 petrol

A good ski wagon that starts first pop

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