Territory SX Ghia AWD 4.0 petrol on LPG

Good concept, let down by poor finish

145 words

Territory TX RWD 4.0 petrol

Really like it, great car for families with 3 or more kids

279 words

Territory Ghia 4.0 litre petrol

A good family wagon

124 words, 2 comments

Territory tx 4.0L

Must have, would like to upgrade to a ghia

41 words

Territory Ghia AWD 4.0L petrol

In all a well finished car which more than suits my needs

193 words, 1 comment

Territory TS 4.0 petrol

Well designed family car whose features outweigh its minor thirst for fuel

226 words, 1 comment

Territory Ghia 4 petrol

106 words, 4 comments


Territory TX 4.0 petrol

It's good and bad, but not ugly

33 words

Territory Ghia 4.0 straight 6 petrol

Superb, practical and fun to drive

119 words

Territory TX 4.0 INLINE 6

The best Ford produced in recent years with some state of the art design

151 words

Territory TX 4.0 Litre Inline 6 DOHC

Loads of space and a clever interior, but that's all folks!

194 words, 26 comments