Astra City 1.8 petrol

Good value

265 words

Astra City 1.8

Good ordinary car

489 words

Astra CD 1.8

PLEASE reconsider buying this car!!!

186 words, 2 comments

Astra City 1.8

111 words

Astra CD 1.8 premium


58 words

Astra City 1.8 petrol

Nice interior and body, but reliability as a secondhand car, not so good

119 words

Astra CD 1.8

A great car to drive and own

149 words

Astra CD 1.8

Great small car, problems are very expensive

34 words, 1 comment

Astra CD 1.8 petrol

Excellent except for the typical 'european' costs

45 words

Astra TS CD

Never buy one again.. serious

63 words, 1 comment

Astra CD 1.8

Great, well worth purchasing

68 words

Astra City 1.8 EFT

Great car, but needs a cover over the engine mounts

51 words

Astra cd 1.8

This is our first Holden and our last Holden

179 words, 3 comments

Astra CD 1.8 EFI

Well worth the money

251 words, 1 comment

Astra CD 1.2

Its fantastic

55 words

Astra TS 1.8

Nice to drive at highway speeds, but otherwise not competitive with Korean and Japanese equivalants

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Astra TS 1.8

A pint sized rocket, with high finish levels and a cornering ability that demands respect

227 words, 6 comments

Astra CD 1.8 petrol

A thoroughly engineered and developed package with no flaws of significance

117 words

Astra CD 1.8 DOHC

Overall a great medium sized car

66 words

Astra CD 1.8

Very good value BMW for less money

42 words, 4 comments

Astra CD 1.8

It just doesn't get any better than this for a bargain price

70 words

Astra City 1.8 16v petrol

A high quality, zippy, gorgeous, fun car to own

117 words, 2 comments

Astra City, Olympic 1.8

Best small car priced this side of a BMW 318 or VW Golf

91 words, 1 comment