29th Apr 2013, 02:40

All I can say about the Holden Astra (having owned one for 9 years) is this: Do NOT even consider buying one, they are the worst car I have ever owned. When you have a problem, and trust me you WILL, the only place that is authorized to fix it will be a Holden agent. You will be severely ripped off while you endeavour to fix this car, that should never have seen the light of day.

22nd Jun 2013, 20:46

I own an Astra CD TS. I bought it second hand 5 years ago. Currently done 123000km.

I have it regularly serviced 6 monthly, and that's normally all fine. Had to fix the throttle a few weeks after buying it (still under warranty), and my thermostat recently just failed.

But I find it's all the small things that play up.

Have had to replace my back electric window mechanisms twice.

My roof has badly faded.

My radio turns on full blast - mainly during the colder months.

One of my speakers has blown.

My dash screen has blacked out in most places - can only see the temperature. Can't see the time or radio station.

My Holden logo on the steering wheel has chipped off.

These things are costly to replace, and I don't want to spend another cent on fixing it, as it's not worth it. Looks like it'll be a worthless trade in for me. Won't be buying a Holden again.

27th Jun 2013, 09:17

Check your battery to see if it's leaking acid on the wiring loom. Also get the battery and alternator checked to see if they are any good. I had the same problem with mine; the longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

20th Jun 2014, 04:52

Yeah, my daughter's TS Astra just got diagnosed by a Holden dealer as having a faulty coil pack ($895). They can't check that the computer (ECU?) hasn't been damaged by the faulty coil until a new coil pack has been installed, so we were warned that computer may have to be replaced (additional $1,200). Will probably get non-genuine coil pack and do it myself, hoping the computer is OK. Then will sell it ASAP.

I put in an online complaint to see what Holden will do about it. I expect nothing, but it doesn't hurt to complain.

4th Dec 2014, 10:37

The stalling, I've had problems with too, and have found that it is mostly due to either a faulty air flow meter or an O2 sensor, or a combo of both. You can get cheap parts to replace from eBay, but it won't last long as it's a constant problem throughout all Opels.

7th Dec 2014, 19:34

Same problem with my 2000 model. It was the alternator which charges the battery.