2000 Holden Astra City 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Good ordinary car


Seatbelt pretensioner, causing the airbag light to turn on.

Windscreen washer pump replaced ($170 that was not necessary - blocked filter was the actual problem!).

Timing belt changes ($600 each time).

Brake discs replaced (by previous owner).

A/C condenser ($1200).

Suspension coils replaced ($1200).

Left indicator sticks when warm.

Fuel indicator light faulty.

Thing with the stereo volume has happened once or twice.

Brake and headlights blow quite often, but it's easy/cheap to replace bulbs.

General Comments:

Despite its faults, it is a good car to drive; nice handling, smart interior, and most importantly, has never let me down.

I have had this car for about 11 years now, and have been doing many more kilometres over the last couple of years than previously. The car has always had a couple of niggles, but never anything catastrophic. The timing belt replacement issue is well documented, so ignore it at your peril. Poor quality A/C condensers fitted on these cars are bound to fail at some point and are an expensive fix. It's important to do the regular servicing, and stay well away from any Holden dealership mechanics as a rule of thumb.

But despite these issues, they are nice cars to drive. Very solid for a car of its size, and very nice build finish and handling, which is what attracted me to the car in the first place. Engine performance and cornering are great, and using PULP does make a difference.

The dash and instrumentation doesn't look too dated, despite this car first being released in 1998. The interior of a Ford Falcon of the same vintage looks positively stone-aged in comparison. A couple of rattles behind the dash, but what do you expect for a car this age?

The exterior has held up quite well too, though I have seen other Astras on the road looking very shabby with paint peeling off the roof and bonnet. The black paint on my car is still perfect, but some of the plastic door protector strips are looking quite sun faded. Headlight covers are hazy also from UV exposure. I only just changed the original tyres that came with the car this year.

These cars apparently have a lot of onboard computer modules (24 separate ones I believe) and they can cost a bit to replace, but never had any problems with mine. Inexperienced mechanics can blow the engine management module, which is a $3000+ replacement. This happened to a friend of mine.

I don't regret buying this car; it has served me well. They are not worth very much at this age, and weighing up repair cost against buying something else is always a question worth asking, but mechanically they're very sound if you get one assembled from the right country. Probably wouldn't buy a Holden or Opel ever again though. There are better cars out there than what Holden currently have in their showroom, and Opel have left the building!

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2014

2000 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


PLEASE reconsider buying this car!!!


Coil pack.

Throttle body.

Fuel filter.

ECU (computer).

Rust in body.

General Comments:

I bought this car for my son as a first car. It had a lot of k's, but seemed safe and reliable. My wife owned a 2002 Astra, which we've recently sold at 60,000k's (I was worried about reliability after this point, so we bought a Japanese car) however, we thought another Astra was a sure bet!! An EXPENSIVE bet, let me tell you!!

We paid $4400, which is fine as it had ABS, traction control, two airbags and power windows.

I've since forked out $2000 on the above parts (and more), and am concerned about its future reliability.

I change the oil every five thousand, clean the air filter, replace spark plugs every year, use 98 octane with octane boost.

I am looking at buying a car for my daughter, who should get her P's shortly; I'll be buying a Japanese car!!

In summary, I think the Astra's are OK up to 60,000k's (which is when you need to do the timing belt and water pump); they seem to less durable after this point.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2012

29th May 2012, 04:18

The TS Astra ran from 1998-2005, but don't be fooled. The 1998 - mid 2001 was designated XE18E1, and the late 2001 - 2005 called Z18XE. These refer to the two different 1.8 litre engines. The latter being the updated one, which was more reliable, powerful, refined and economical. In addition to these engine changes, interior components and many other features were altered, some for the better, some for the worse.

Disappointing to hear you have had an unsatisfactory experience with your second Astra. I certainly wouldn't consider replacing the fuel filter something that has gone wrong, unless it was a major. They are not an outrageously expensive part at Holden Service Centres.

My 2002 Z18XE Astra has done almost 150,000km, and I've had it nearly 3 years. The last 6 months have been bliss; nothing more than a blown tail-lamp bulb and my frosted over headlights restored.

2011 was a dark year though, with air con, alternator bearings, thermostat, radiator and cam belt, idlers, tensioner, and water pump all replaced, and all 100% genuine.

14th Sep 2012, 01:40

Gees, I would like to reply and say I have happily owned, and still own, a 2000 Holden Astra City hatch.

I am now on 337000k's, and honestly I can't complain about the car. You will in time with any car need to replace some things. Yes, the Astra every 60000 needs its timing belt changed. I will be honest; I got my car to 276000 and the computer died. That year was costly back then; 1600.

I will say I am still running the original clutch on this car.

I had once the water pump go on it. Yes, and well the air compressor in the aircon is dead too, but apart from that, I have never had major trouble with it.

It has gone on very many long journeys... Syd to Vic Syd to Byron many times; always has been reliable.

If you look after your car and service it when it needs servicing, I believe your car will last. I can't complain; this car is still running good, even with all these K's. The interior still looks brand new, and yes, I think I will keep this car for a couple more years. Mine has been very reliable.

Happy Astra driving.