2000 Holden Astra TS 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A pint sized rocket, with high finish levels and a cornering ability that demands respect


Developed a faulty Air Bag sensor. This was a loose connection and was fixed at service.

Driver's side door and window seemed to rattle a bit. This was fixed during 1st service.

Tapes very hard to eject from cassette player.

General Comments:

I try to use optimax, it seems to give the best fuel economy. Best range so far is 650km on a tank. I also have shell helix ultra (grey pack) as my oil.

I think this combination, while expensive is the best.

The front wheels seem to develop a lot of brake dust/road grime. I need to clean these on average every 2 weeks to avoid the brake squeal.

The Michelin tyres fitted are very good, however the hub caps are very difficult to remove.

Headlights are excellent. Front fog/driving lights are very costly to add. The manual doesn't describe globe sizes, these however can be found on the headlight lip cover.

The Polar Sea (Blue) paint finish seems to turn purple in the late afternoon sun, an interesting fun part.

I really like the fully adjustable steering wheel. The wheel itself is very good to hold, however the black finish shows the dirt.

Speed sensitive stereo is very enjoyable on long distance trips, and changes according to road surface. EG tarmac to concrete.

Cornering at high/low speeds is the best feeling. The feedback is very good.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

6th Jan 2003, 01:01

I am thinking about buying an Astra and am wondering what the **** does the cars speed do to the stereo? HELP!!!

24th Jan 2003, 15:04

Considering that I am Going to buy an Astra, I would like to know what all the readers of this comment think: which model should I get? A CD or a Convertible, as they both seem to have faults and strong points...

9th Feb 2003, 10:26

The speed sensitive stereo used in the Astra has 5 levels of adjustment. Basically the stereo will increase in sound when a certain speed level is reached. The amount it increases can be adjusted (5 levels) or You can turn it off.

For example when 100 km/h is reached the sound level will rise slightly.

Also it allows for changes in surface for example: concrete highways to normal tarmac.

29th Dec 2010, 20:34

Hi everyone, judging from a few reviews, the Astra does have a few strengths and weaknesses, however they are quite cheap and efficient. Would the Astra be a good first car for a young driver?

I'm looking at the Astra TS Olympic City to buy in the next few weeks... just wondering if anyone has any feedback on it?


7th Jan 2011, 02:17

OK. I bought a TS City too. Where I buying the car again, I would buy the CD model. It has many more upgrade potentials catered for in its wiring loom. You may not ever want to do upgrades... fine. Go for it. If you do (like cruise at some point), with the CD, you would only have to buy the different indicator stalk and plug it in inside the steering column. Done. Same with many other things. With the City, you have to do the entire thing yourself.

So, you be the judge. Drive wise, my car is brilliant, and very mechanically sound, which is the main thing. Just one thing. Check the service records for the vehicle to see when it last had its timing belt done. You need to do those every 50-60,000 km, and that will cost you like 600. If you don't do it, it'll cost you a lot more.

2000 Holden Astra CD 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A thoroughly engineered and developed package with no flaws of significance


Not a thing.

General Comments:

Hard to fault on a dollars-per-drive basis. Mine has travelled 55,000 km in 18 months and has never missed a beat. I regularly drive a mountainous road to the coast - brand new XR6 Falcons cannot keep pace through the bends, and the Astra can keep up with Lexus IS200's all the way. Very impressive for a car with no real sporting pretensions.

My only real complaint concerns the seats - they lack lumbar and lateral support, but are by no means uncomfortable. I also feel that the car is worthy of more than a Holden badge. This is nothing like a Commodore (in fact it runs all over them in the bends too...)

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Review Date: 27th January, 2002