7th Oct 2009, 05:22

Hi all,

Recently in my TS Astra 2001 manual, I was about to take a right turn, was waiting for traffic, then I took off in 1st gear as usual, but then the engine started to cut out. Changed to 2nd gear, same thing, so I pulled over, placed it into neutral and the car started to rev by itself for few seconds, then at the same time there was this burning smell (like dirt getting burnt). I lifted up the bonnet and there was white smoke coming out, same smell as in the inside of the car. Though the engine temperature was normal. However though, I was running on low petrol, never ran on low petrol before (assuming it's the dirt left inside the fuel tank), and I was told that this might have been the problem. I know a number of people that had the engine cutting out on a low petrol tank.

Any advice is much appreciated guys, thanks all.

9th Nov 2009, 10:02

I haven't got an Astra, but I did regret buying my my XC Barina (german built). Since buying it two years ago, I have spend $5000+ on it, a lot of the work was very very little labour due to mates being mechanics and auto electricians, but now it has a jammed key barrel, this is the second time in a week when the temp has got to 37+ degrees C, and this time it won't fix itself, no matter what I do... it is currently at a petrol station at 2.30 am!!

Could I have this fixed through a locksmith?

Every time I have this car ready to sell, something else goes, there is no way I'm selling it like it is when something does go though :(

10th Jan 2010, 04:39

Have had the car for 4 or 5 years now. My 2000 TS Astra has done 175k of city driving.

Have had the exact same problem as other users.

Air con compressor, countless amounts of brake rotors, pretty much replaced all the electric window regulators, air con recirculation servo motor broken, Ignition lock is very dicky, and various interior plastic pieces falling or braking off.

That's all I can think of now. I wouldn't buy another one that's for sure. Wouldn't recommend the car to anyone either.

It is good on fuel though.

9th Feb 2010, 18:49

My little 99 TS Astra has now clocked 270000km's. In this time I have had to replace the following:

Fuel pump - 220000km's. Probably my fault as I let it run to empty a lot of the time.

Battery - after 7 years.

Radio - after a few years, it would go on full blast in the cold. Put a new radio in and it's been fine since.

Timing belts - Replaced it twice since new. Part of normal servicing. Although I changed the last one after 140000km's.

Globes - they all have a life span.

Cam belt sensor - started fraying, so my mechanic recommended I get it replaced when I got the timing belt done. Apparently it's the reason my engine light would come on every now and then.

All up, she is a great little car. If she'll go another hundred thousand Km's, I will be wrapped.

Some recommendations. Clean the throttle body yourself. Can of throttle body cleaner costs $10. Makes a difference to smoothness.

24th Apr 2010, 23:23

I own a 2001 Holden Astra, and lately the car is doing some very weird things.

First the emissions light comes on all the time, and the Holden mechanics cannot work out what the problem is??? How does that even make sense when I own a Holden and it is being repaired at a Holden dealership?

Today the car decided to seize up on a freeway, all the dash lights came on and then flickered randomly, the steering became very heavy and it was hard to turn. I had to call a tow truck as the car completely died; it is not the battery as all the lights still work; the car is driving me crazy. I have already paid hundreds of dollars for people to tell me they are not sure what the issue is, and now I bet I have to get the entire computer replaced. NOT HAPPY HOLDEN.

28th May 2010, 01:14

Owned a Holden Astra 2000 CD model for 3 years, and these cars are a complete disaster and money pit. Over that time, I have probably spent $2,000 in repairs, and now the water pump has failed, causing damage to the timing belts and engine valves - repair cost $3,000! No way - will be going straight to the wreckers.

My advice - if you own one, get rid of it...!

14th Jun 2010, 21:44

I have a Holden TS Astra Olympic edition 2000 which I bought new. I have done less than 90,000Km. I have experienced the following with my car:

Ignition barrel seizing up (cost me over $300).

Replaced brake disks.

Rear brake lights keep on blowing out.

Loud noise due to Gear box bearings ($1000 to replace with second hand gear box).

Ignition coil pack only running off 3 cylinders and not four (cost of $400).

Glove box broken due to cheap plastic.

How come the above is a common problem with the car, and the Holden does not take ownership for these problems? I would never purchase a Holden vehicle ever again.

The car is worth nothing when it comes to selling it. The dealer will only give me $3000 for it. I paid $22,000 for it ten years ago and now it is worth not more than 15%. I would rather buy a car that does not depreciate as much like a Honda or a Toyota.

I am very disappointed. I hardly drive my car and finding this web page has answered a lot of my questions.

Has anyone complained to the ombudsman?

I bet that Holden wouldn't buy back these cars.

5th Sep 2010, 16:47

I bought a second hand 2001 Astra TS. I haven't even had it for a year, but I have had so many problems with it:

Replaced ignition barrel.

Right rear power window is broken.

New serpentine belt.

Air con doesn't run well.

I have had the car serviced regularly, and don't mind forking out for normal repairs, but after seeing everyone else's comments, I now want to get rid of my Astra.

Now the emissions warning light and traction control lights are on, and the engine sounds like it's about to die. I don't know if I can outlay any more money on a car that can't make it between services.

14th Sep 2010, 07:21

Much of the time the issue whinged about on here are preventable though, with all round common sense.

I mean, who gets their car serviced at a Holden service centre? If its out of warranty? Do the service yourself and save heaps of money. Oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs are all user-replaceable parts.

I did a fair bit of research about my 2000 TS Astra City before buying it, found out timing belts were an issue, so when I bought the car, I had a look at the service history, saw that it would be due in about 7,000 kms, got a quote for a service replacing timing belt, water pump and tensioners, about $600 with labour (pays to research mechanic too).

Tip for not spending insane amounts of money.

1) Common sense.

2) If you replace the timing belt, don't just do the belt, do the pulleys, tensioners and water pump too because if any of those go, they will shred a new timing belt and you'll be up for heaps. Do them every 60,000 kms, and get a brand that actually makes quality parts as opposed to Holden parts that are outsourced for cheaper prices, something like Gates or Dayco.

3) Do your own basic services, and replace oil every 5,000 kms, this prevents the hydrochloric acid build up in the engine that is the most common cause of engine wear and failure.

4) Shop at wreckers, or on ebay. Tow-bar, cruise control, roof-racks, front headlights - all for less than $700 AUD.

5) Be only as smart with your car, as you are with everything else.