HR HR 186 red

Only car I ever owned, only car I ever wanted

594 words

HR Premier 179S

This is a car that seriously puts cars today to shame!

139 words, 1 comment

HR Special 186 bored to 202 (and worked well)

A car you will lose to in the traffic light GP

139 words

HR Special 186?

A 37 year old car that drives better than a Commodore; 'nuff said

134 words, 1 comment

HR special 202

Enjoyable cruiser

138 words

HR 202ci red

High performance Bargain

57 words

HR Special 186ci

The best $A2000 I've ever spent!!

65 words

HR Special 161

A classic Australian cruising machine

46 words

HR 161

A powerful slab of steel

46 words

HR 202 roadrunner

A very reliable car, and a pleasure to drive

98 words, 1 comment

HR Special 186 Red Motor

My dream car

136 words

HR Premier 202ci

The ABSOLUTE BEST car on the road!

104 words, 2 comments

HR Standard 186 ci

43 words


HR Special 186ci Holden Red Motor

For a 40+ year old car, that had never had a major rebuild/restoration, it was a good car!

232 words

HR Special Wagon 186

I'd only swap for a Ferrari so I could sell it and build ten more of these Holdens!

258 words, 1 comment

HR Premier 350 Chev

Absoulutly beautiful

267 words, 1 comment

HR Premier Red 186

A truly wonderful car

72 words

HR Special 161ci

60's style in real steel

144 words

HR Premier 186

Best car ever manufactured

51 words, 1 comment

HR Special Station Wagon 186

Love 'em

107 words, 1 comment

HR Premier 186ci

It's brilliant, I won't part with it

37 words