1992 Honda Prelude reviews from Australia and New Zealand

Prelude Si 2.2 petrol

Reliable, well built, economical, sporty and nimble! Kudos to Honda!

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Prelude VTEC 2.2 VTEC

High performance car killer for a fraction of the price

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Prelude Si VTEC 2.2L VTEC

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Prelude Si 2.2

James Bonds weekend car

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Prelude petrol 2.2 DOHC

Great working mans sport car sorry to see them not made anymore

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Prelude V TI-R 2.2 VTec (H22)

Pleasure to drive

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Prelude Si VTEC JDM Version 2.2Litre VTEC DOHC

Quickest 4cyl Non turbo FWD Car for the price

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