i30 Trophy 2.0 petrol

A good package for the money

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i30 cw 2.0 petrol

Good, not great

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i30 Trophy 2.0 petrol

Not what I expected

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i30 SX 2.0 petrol

Built like it costs $50 grand. Only costs $22 grand new

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i30 1.6 turbo diesel

A good purchase

186 words, 6 comments

i30 SX 1.6 turbo diesel

Fun, economical and good looking!

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i30 SR 2.0L petrol

Pure Awesome!!! What more can I say!

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i30 SLX Wagon 1.6 turbo diesel

This is a good value mid sized wagon

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i30 SLX 1.6 turbo diesel

Best value for money small diesel on the market... by a mile

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i30 SX 1.6 turbo diesel with safety pack

This is my 19th car, and the first one to tick all the boxes!

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i30 SLX Hatch 1.6 turbo diesel

Still believe I made the right choice buying an i30 diesel SLX

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i30 SLX 1.6L turbo diesel

Would probably still have it, had I been the first owner

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i30 SR 2.0L petrol

Comfortable, economical and thoroughly enjoyable!

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