2004 Mazda 6 Classic 2.3 petrol


Sporty family car with lots of space and excellent fuel economy


Power steering high-pressure hose leak.

Worn clutch.

Worn tyres.

Fuel pump.

Apart from these issues, which are all due to the age and distance travelled, nothing wrong at all!

General Comments:

Bought this car as a cheap & economical run around car (my other car is a V8). I always loved the shape - very comfortable for everybody & heaps of space (carried 4 people plus luggage, a petrol generator, trolley jacks and various tools for a 1300km road trip with ease). For a 4 cylinder it's got plenty of power and is very economical even with over 300000km. Fantastic handling car as well; it was further enhanced with 18" wheels.

Ended up selling it to a mate's mother and she loves the car.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2016

2008 Mazda 6 GLX 2.0 petrol


Reliable, good looking, safe modern wagon


Nothing. Just regular maintenance - oil changes, tyres needed replacing, air filter.

General Comments:

Quieter and more comfortable than my previous car, a Corolla. This particular model only has a 2.0 litre engine, so for a fairly big car like this, I would have preferred the 2.5 litre. But it is a 6 speed manual, so that helps mitigate the lack of low down torque. It is good when it gets going, and the gearbox has a slick change. This car is quite a high mileage, but having owned 2 previous Mazdas (MX5s) I was confident that this would be reliable even at high mileages. I expect to get into the mid 250,000km before I think about getting a new car.

It has a great boot, with clever easy fold down seats in the wagon. Very practical and useful.

Handles well, looks good, and is extremely practical. It's not a sports car, but it does what it's supposed to do. They are popular wagons in NZ. The diesels that get a bad review on here are confined to the US it seems. Are they made in the US??

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Review Date: 20th December, 2014

21st Dec 2014, 05:33

No diesel Mazda6 in North America, at least not for the superseded models. I believe the turbo diesels are yet to appear in America due to either emissions compliance, or performance due to that compliance. The diesels will be most common in Europe.

2011 Mazda 6 GH Series 2 Touring 5-dr Hatch 2.5L 4 cylinder


Practical, fun, well-equipped


No faults to date, 6 months in.

General Comments:

Excellent mid-sized saloon with some sporty flair. Performance is adequate and the chassis can easily handle more power. Decent grunt on tap if required for overtaking. Could use a better engine noise, and the auto box could be smarter with an extra gear.

Handling is a strong point - hugs the floor, excellent body control and light direct steering. Setup is sporty overall.

Comfort - Interior is well appointed and the seats are comfortable. Road noise below peers, but doesn't bother me so much, far from unbearable. Interior is spacious, and the hatchback boot swallows most things with ease!

Value - Touring model is exceptional value. Leather, Bluetooth, power seats, front and rear sensors, auto lights for $34k drive away.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2012

2006 Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatchback 2.3L 4 cylinder


Practical and reliable car with a sporting nature


The OK:

I only get 8.5 - 8.9L/100km for my intra-suburban driving (my BMW E46 would deliver 7.5L/100km). Still, this is not too bad.

The BAD:

Poor rear view if not relying on mirrors. The car needs a radar parking sensor (which is an option).

Panelwork is of very light-gauge metal. I was loading a plastic kayak onto the roof racks and did accidentally push it against the pillar and doors of the car in the process. I was shocked to find that I now have hailstone-style damage to the car. I would expect such light-gauge metal in a small hatch, but not in a big one like the Mazda6. If I drive with the window down and grip the door with a single hand, I can flex the entire door, and I am no gorilla. My belief is if they intend on making something so light-weight, use a soft plastic instead of sheetmetal (much like some small Renaults do for their front 3/4 panels).

Engine has a flat spot in the very useful 2000 - 3000 rev range (although this may just be a tuning issue). Engine does pick up very nicely from 3000.

I have no idea why there is a 6th gear when it is doing about 3000 revs at 100km/h, while 5th gear does about 2800 revs at this speed - the difference would become greater at higher speeds, but I don't have a race track in my area..

The electric windows do not operate at all when the engine is off (not even when the key is in ACC mode). Generally all cars allow for a 1 minute time delay after switching the engine off to operate the windows with the key out.

There is no "driver door only" remote unlocking feature. This is insecure.

The instrument cluster looks silly. Oversized numbering and plasticy chrome dial circle do not compare with instruments I usually expect.

General Comments:


Excellent standard stereo system, complemented by Bose speakers and a subwoofer that lives in the spare wheel in the floor of the hatch/boot.

Large carrying capacity. Fold down rear seats. This is why I love hatchbacks.

Leather seats are well shaped and comfortable. Drivers seat has electric adjustment and memory settings.

Centre console is of good design.

External appearance is very "handsome". It's a great looking car. And panel fit is very good.

Manual gearbox has a good feel, and contrary to what others seem to say about the clutch, I find it pleasant to work with.

Handling is very good. The car handles my cornering abuse quite nicely. Better than my BMW E46 coupe (although shocks on that car may have been a little old). Ride is firmish, but I like that.

Engine is reasonable, considering it is pulling over 1.3 tonne.

Good resale value.


Overall, the car is nice to drive, it is practical, and one you can be reasonably proud of.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2010

13th Apr 2010, 17:57

Great balanced review, thank you.