MX6 2.5 Litre V6

Nice try, but no Cigar. Not for motor sports fans, but women love this thing

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MX6 E 2.5 V6

A great looking performance drivers car that is economical and very well built

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MX6 LS 2.5 V6

This is a car that can easily be loved.

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MX6 2.5L


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MX6 4WS Luxury Sports 2.5L

Nice car the throw into corners... but not so nice when it gets old

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MX6 L1 V6 2.5 litre

Great car just whish I could sort out this trans..

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MX6 4WS 2.5 V6

A classy coupe

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MX6 2.6 V6

Wish I still had it : (

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MX6 2.5 litre DOHC fuel inj.

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MX6 2.2 turbo

A performance bargain with luxury, performance and love or hate me charm

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MX6 GT 2.2L intercooled turbo

Fast fast fast

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MX6 GT 4WS 2.2 INJ turbo

The car is getting old, but I own it and would be sad to sell it to some idiot, thus I don't wish to

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MX6 GT Import 2Lt Twin Cam FE3

Performance, looks and equipment levels way ahead of its time

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MX6 2.2 turbo

Unassuming Assassin

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