Magna SE

Maintenance on these cars is imperative

340 words

Magna GLX 2.6 Carburetor

I still want my money back

246 words, 4 comments

Magna GLX 2.6 Astron

TM Magna is sensible and affordable with suprisingly confident road handling

219 words

Magna Astron II 2.6

The car is a bargain for what it's worth

97 words

Magna TM 2.6

A reliable, but uneconomical drive

48 words

Magna SE 2.6Litre

A cheap car that has been reliable to date and hasn't blown up.

240 words

Magna TM 2.6 Astron 2

Underestimated bargain potential

302 words, 1 comment

Magna Elite 2.6 astron

A car for People Who like first class, but are on a budget

55 words

Magna GLX 2.6 Astron II

A fine vehicle with drag performance in mind

121 words, 1 comment

Magna TM GLX 2.6 Astron II Carby

Good car if done up

125 words